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Mobility Documents

Brunel University London has partnerships and agreements (see below) with many institutions in the UK and around the world.

Exchange programmes are formal agreements that we have with other institutions. We are part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ exchange programme, through which we provide mobility opportunities for our students and staff. We also have exchange partnerships with institutions outside Europe. If you have any questions, please contact or you can find further information on participating in an international mobility programme, here.

Process Documentation:

Study Abroad/Student Exchange Programmes: Policy and Process
Exchange Partnerships Grade Translation Tables - under review
Due Diligence Form Student Exchanges - under review
Study Abroad/Exchange Programme Specification Form

Academic Exchange Coordinators Documentation:

Block Exemption and Grade Importation Form
Renewal of a Student Exchange Partnership Form
Renewal of an Academic Staff Exchange Partner Form

Student Documentation:

Learning Agreement - International Exchange
Learning Agreement - Erasmus+ Exchange
Learning Agreement - Erasmus+ Traineeship
Confirmation of Arrival - Erasmus+ Exchange
Confirmation of Start - Erasmus+ Traineeship
Confirmation of Mobility - Erasmus+ Exchange
Confirmation of Mobility - Erasmus+ Traineeship
Traineeship Certificate - Erasmus+ Traineeship
Learning Agreement guidelines - Erasmus+ Exchange
Learning Agreement guidelines - Erasmus+ Traineeship
Risk Awareness Checklist
Erasmus+ Student Handbook
International Exchange Student Handbook
Health and Travel Insurance Process


We also provide opportunities for students to undertake placements. The Professional Development Centre (PDC) can provide further information on placement opportunities.


Brunel University London has many agreements with universities, colleges and institutions across the world. These agreements range from student exchanges and articulation arrangements to research collaborations with business and industry. An overview of these agreements can be found here.