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Supporting students

The University has policies in place to help make sure students are treated fairly during their time here. Further support and guidance can be found in the College Student Handbook.

Extenuating Circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Procedure exists for situations where a student's performance in assessment is significantly affected by an event that was unavoidable, unexpected and beyond the control of the student. The policy detailing this is set out in Senate Regulation 4.

Extenuating Circumstances - guidance for students 
Extenuating Circumstances - Self-Certification Form
Medical consent form
Extenuating Circumstances and Coursework Extensions - Guidance for Panels and Board

The Extenuating Circumstances claim form is available for students to complete electronically within eVision. A short video on how to submit Extenuating Circumstances and Coursework Extension Requests can be found here.


Procedures relating to temporary cessation of studies are covered by Senate Regulation 2 for Undergraduate students and Senate Regulation 3 for Postgraduate Taught students.

Extension to Maximum Period of Registration and Abeyance Form
Guidance to Staff on Periods of Absence for Students who Participate in National/International Events

Placement learning

Our placement learning policies ensure that any placement you may undertake while at the University will not only offer a unique opportunity to develop employability skills, but is also of a high quality and upholds robust standards.

Placement equality policy
Placement learning policy
Risk awareness process

Personal tutors

Effective personal tutoring is essential to Brunel's strategy of increasing student satisfaction and ensuring all students fulfil their academic potential. In addition to supporting academic progress, it is expected that tutors will offer advice and signpost students to more appropriate members of staff for career, financial and personal advice.


Student feedback

Our policy sets the expectation for feedback provided to students, which should empower them to evaluate their academic performance, engage in dialogue with academic staff and plan future learning.

Feedback - 5 Core principles in providing and receiving assessment feedback
Feedback - Guidance to Producing Good Feedback