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Quality Assurance Forms and Templates A-Z

All policies and guidelines relating to quality assurance can be found on the University's Policies and Documents page (please filter by current academic year). These documents are also available under their respective theme - please see list on the right hand side of this page. All quality assurance related forms and templates which support policies can be found in the A-Z list below. 

Placement - Student Evaluation Form

placement - student evaluation form

Research Degrees - Attendance of Supervisor at Viva Voce Examination

research degrees - attendance of supervisor at viva voce examination

Research Degrees - Doctoral Degrees Report of Examiners Form

research degrees - doctoral degrees report of examiners form

Research Degrees - Research Masters Report of Examiners Form

research degrees - research masters report of examiners form

Research Degrees Satisfactory Completion of Amendments Form

research degrees satisfactory completion of amendments form

Committee Minutes Template

committee minutes template

Programme Approval - Design Endorsement Form

programme approval - design endorsement form

Provisional Progression Student Tracker

provisional progression student tracker

Block Outline - Study Block Template

block outline - study block template

Short Courses- Additional Information Required for Approval

short courses- additional information required for approval

Strategic Approval - Programme Re-approval Form

strategic approval - programme re-approval form

Variation to Scheme of Studies Application Form

variation to scheme of studies application form

Block Outline - Assessment Block Template

block outline - assessment block template

Block Outline - Modular Block Template

block outline - modular block template

Ofsted Readiness Assessment

ofsted readiness assessment

Research Degrees Submission of Thesis Form

research degrees submission of thesis form

Short Course Specification Template

short course specification template

Extenuating Circumstances Self-Certification Form

extenuating circumstances self-certification form

Apprenticeship Self-Assessment Review Template

apprenticeship self-assessment review template

External Reviewer - Nomination Form

external reviewer - nomination form

Apprenticeship Training Plan Specification

apprenticeship training plan specification

Internal Moderation Example Form

internal moderation example form

Exceptional Period of Abeyance or Extension to Maximum Period of Registration Request Form

exceptional period of abeyance or extension to maximum period of registration request form

Programme Specification - Validated Postgraduate Programme Element

programme specification - validated postgraduate programme element

Programme Specification - Validated Undergraduate Programme Element

programme specification - validated undergraduate programme element



Programme Specification - Integrated Masters

programme specification - integrated masters

Programme Specification - Postgraduate

programme specification - postgraduate

Programme Specification - Undergraduate

programme specification - undergraduate

Payroll form v1.5

payroll form v1.5

Annual Monitoring BPC Block Review Report

annual monitoring bpc block review report

Annual Monitoring BPC College Review Report

annual monitoring bpc college review report

Annual Monitoring BPC Programme Element Review Report

annual monitoring bpc programme element review report

Annual-Monitoring BPC University Scrutiny Report

annual-monitoring bpc university scrutiny report

Annual Monitoring Academic Lead Annual Partnership Report

annual monitoring academic lead annual partnership report

Annual Monitoring Block Review Report

annual monitoring block review report

Annual Monitoring College Review Report

annual monitoring college review report

Annual Monitoring Programme Review Report

annual monitoring programme review report

Annual Monitoring BoS Minutes Template

annual monitoring bos minutes template

Programme Suspension and Withdrawal Form

programme suspension and withdrawal form

Periodic Programme Review - Self Evaluation Report Template

periodic programme review - self evaluation report template

New Programme Business Case Form

new programme business case form

Peer Review of Teaching and Learning in App Provision - Review Form Template

peer review of teaching and learning in app provision - review form template

Programme Modification Request Form

programme modification request form

External Assessor for EPA Nomination Form v1

external assessor for epa nomination form v1

External Examiner Nomination Form

external examiner nomination form

Recognised Supervisor - Appointment Form

recognised supervisor - appointment form

Recognised Teacher Appointment Form

recognised teacher appointment form

Grade Translation Block Exemption and Grade Importation form

grade translation block exemption and grade importation form

Grade Translation Table Request Form

grade translation table request form

External Examiner Extension Form

external examiner extension form

Board of Examiners Minutes Template

board of examiners minutes template

Board of Examiners Standard Agenda Template

board of examiners standard agenda template

Chairs Action Proforma

chairs action proforma

Exemption Request Form

exemption request form

Research Degrees - Appointment of Examiners Form

research degrees - appointment of examiners form

Meeting Guidance

meeting guidance

Placement - Appendix 2 - Students Disability Process

placement - appendix 2 - students disability process

Placement - Appendix 4 - Erasmus Process

placement - appendix 4 - erasmus process

Placement - Appendix 3 - Risk Awareness Process

placement - appendix 3 - risk awareness process

Placement Termination Guidance

placement termination guidance

Recording of Lectures and Taught Sessions Policy

recording of lectures and taught sessions policy

Medical Centre Form

medical centre form

Student Placement Emergency Procedure

student placement emergency procedure

Student protection plan

student protection plan

Jury Service - Student Guidance

jury service - student guidance

Placement - Appendix 1 - Process for Advertising Jobs

placement - appendix 1 - process for advertising jobs

Overall Placement Process

overall placement process

MS Excel - Apprenticeship Quality Improvement Plan Template

apprenticeship quality improvement plan template

MS Excel - Non-Staff-Expenses-Form