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Study abroad for incoming students

The study abroad programme is ideal for undergraduate students from outside the UK who want to spend a period of time studying in the UK, while earning credits to transfer back to their home institution.

The Programme is taught at Levels 1 and 2, and is suited to students who have completed their first or second years of a four-year degree programme. Modules are available across most disciplines and are part of the regular undergraduate curriculum enabling study abroad students to study alongside students studying a full degree at Brunel University London.

An agreement between Brunel University London and your home university is not necessary; students are able to apply from any university as fee-paying students.

You can join Brunel University London for a full academic year or for one term only.

An academic year of study runs from September to the end of May and consists of three terms; two teaching periods of 12 weeks each (autumn and spring) and the summer period of revision and exams. This option is the most flexible and gives you a choice (subject to timetabling and prerequisites) of almost all undergraduate degree modules in Levels 1 and 2, from a range of arts, social sciences, and sport sciences disciplines.

The autumn term option runs for the 12 weeks of the first term from late September to mid-December. 

The spring Term option begins in January and runs for the 12 weeks of the second term, followed by the summer period of revision and exams. 

For international students who are unable to study abroad for a full academic year, this option offers the possibility of study for a shorter period of time from a more limited range of existing single term modules in Levels 1 and 2.

University closures

  • Christmas break: 21 December 2020 - 1 January 2021 inclusive
  • Easter break: 29 March 2021 - 16 April 2021 inclusive

Entry requirements

All applicants must be a current student at an overseas university or college of higher education and have completed at least one year of study at their home institution. The minimum academic requirement is a GPA of at least 2.8 out of 4.0 (or equivalent).

All students are required to meet the University’s minimum English language requirements by taking either an IELTS (6.5) or another recognised English language qualification at an appropriate level, unless they are a native of an English-speaking country.

Fees and finance

Study abroad incoming students fees
Term Duration English language Course fee 
Autumn 2020  14 September 2020 -18 December 2020 IELTS 6.5  £6,500
Spring 2021 6 January 2021 - 26 March 2021  IELTS 6.5  £6,500 
Full year 2020/21  14 September 2020 - 4 June 2021  IELTS 6.5  £13,000 

Course choices

The Study Abroad Programme at Brunel University London is intended to allow undergraduates at other colleges and universities an opportunity to take courses across disciplines within the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences plus Sport Sciences and Psychology from the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

Please make provisional module choices from the Directory of International Mobility Modules. You will have the opportunity to discuss your choices during the first week of term, and can alter the modules you have selected. In order to complete 60 credits per term, you would normally take three modules. 

As some modules may not be available for you to take, we encourage you to list an additional module for each term.

You would not actually enrol in courses until you arrive on campus, shortly before the beginning of classes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee in advance that you will be able to enrol in all of the courses you want as some of these classes may have timetable clashes. Additionally, there are prerequisites for some of these modules. Please understand that we cannot guarantee any of the modules listed in advance. 

For further information on the Study Abroad Programme, please contact the Academic Partnerships Office.

How to apply

Students who are applying through an existing partnership agreement must be nominated by their home institution in order to take part in the study abroad programme. Once you have been nominated, you will be sent a link to the online application form by email.

Students who are applying to study abroad at Brunel independently should contact the the Academic Partnerships Office directly on exchanges@brunel.ac.uk to receive a link to the online application form. 

In order for us to consider your application, you must also submit all the supporting documents by the deadline shown on the course fees page. The list of documents required include:

  • English language qualification (if applicable)
  • Official academic transcript
  • Copy of valid passport ID page
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Module selection form

Please use the module selection form to make provisional module choices from the list of available modules. You will need to select three modules per term. We advise you to select a few alternative modules since we cannot guarantee that you will be able to register for your first choice of modules. You will be able to discuss your choices and amend your modules if necessary at registration.