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Your responsibilities as a Student visa holder

As the holder of a Student visa, you must remember that there will be certain rules that you must follow while you are in the UK. Failure to abide by these rules may put your immigration status at risk. Brunel University may have no option but to withdraw sponsorship of your visa if you were to break any of these rules. This would lead to withdrawal from the University and the curtailment (cancellation) of your visa. Please see below for a summary of the responsibilities that you have.

Register for your course on time

You must register at Brunel University London before the deadline that you will be given in your registration instructions. The University is obliged to notify UKVI of any sponsored students who do not register before the deadline. This would lead to the curtailment (cancellation) of the visa. 

Study only at Brunel University London

A Student visa is only valid for the full-time course of study at the institution that it was issued for. If your visa has been issued for Brunel University London (using the CAS you were assigned), you must only study at Brunel University on that course.

The only exception to this is that you may be allowed to study informal, vocational, short courses alongside your main course. For example, this may be an evening class in art or languages. This is called 'supplementary study' by UKVI. This must not interfere with your main course here at Brunel University.

Keep your UK contact details up-to-date

You will be required to keep both Brunel University and UKVI updated with your current UK contact details. Please visit the UKVI website in order to keep your UK contact details up-to-date. Information will also be provided to you about keeping your details accurate when you register at Brunel University. 

Full attendance on your course

All students at Brunel University London are expected to attend all lectures and classes and complete all academic requirements for the course, such as coursework and exams. This applies especially to sponsored students because the University must inform UKVI of any students who fail to engage with their course of study. Your academic department monitor your attendance on your course using contact points that you will need to meet. You must ensure that you attend all of the required contact points as part of your programme i.e. lectures, seminars and exams.

We strongly recommend that you only make a Student visa application and register at Brunel University if you are in a position to study on a full-time basis. As outlined below, it will affect your Student visa if this is not possible for any reason. 

For example, if you are suffering from ill health or you need to temporarily withdraw from your course, you must contact your academic department immediately.   

The  University  is  required  to  notify  UKVI  when a sponsored student  is  no  longer studying, whether a permanent withdrawal or a temporary leave of absence (abeyance). The University will be obliged to withdraw sponsorship of your visa if you fully withdraw from the University, take a period of abeyance of more than two months or if the abeyance will extend your course end date beyond the expiry date of your current visa. If  you  stop  studying  you are  generally expected to  leave  the  UK as soon as possible and, in such a situation, you would be advised to do so. In cases of abeyance where visa sponsorship is withdrawn, you would be required to make a new Student visa application when you are able to resume studying.  

Working in the UK

Working alongside studying is a good way for all students to help support themselves financially, provided it does not interfere with the academic requirements of the course. It also provides useful working experience that will be of benefit when looking for employment after studies. However, as a sponsored student, you must remember that there will be restrictions on the number of hours you can work per week. This will be stated on your visa.

Please also note that Student visa holders are not allowed to undertake certain types of work that are prohibited in the UK immigration rules. This includes:

  • Employment as a doctor or dentist in training
  • Employment as a professional entertainer
  • Employment as a professional sportsperson, including a sports coach
  • Any form of self-employment or business activity (i.e. setting up a business in the UK)
  • A permanent full-time job

 'Self-employment' would include work undertaken through an employer that asks you to work for them as a 'contractor'. This may be the case with some online delivery companies, so please check this carefully before agreeing to do this.

Unpaid, voluntary work would also be included in the in the hourly restrictions as indicated on your visa.

Please note that if you withdraw from your course or take a temporary period of absence, you are no longer be allowed to work in the UK at all.

You will be given further details about your 'Rights to Work' after you register at the University. The University is obliged to inform UKVI of any students found to have breached the working conditions of their Student visa, as it is regarded as a criminal offence in the UK. This may lead to the University deciding to withdraw a student's visa sponsorship and exclusion.

Renting Property

If you will be living in privately rented accommodation (excluding halls of residence or accommodation owned and managed by Brunel University London), your landlord will have an obligation to check that you have a valid visa to remain in the UK. Therefore, you may be asked to show your current visa (or other suitable immigration documents) to your landlord, especially when you renew any tenancy agreements or you move to a new place. Please do not be alarmed if your landlord asks to see a your visa as they are only following their legal obligations. Please note that this will apply to any other temporary migrants over the age of 18 who are living in the property, such as family members. 

Only remain in the UK while your visa is valid

It is a criminal offence to remain in the UK after your visa has expired. This is called 'overstaying'. This is unless you have applied to extend your permission to stay as a Student (or applied under another immigration category) before your visa expired. Unless you are in a position to make a permission to stay application before your visa expires, you should leave the UK before the expiry date.

You would not be allowed to either register at Brunel University, or remain enrolled on your course, if you are an overstayer. Furthermore, overstaying in the UK can have serious repercussions for any future UK visa applications that you may choose to make. Depending on the circumstances and how long you overstay, you may even be banned from applying for a UK visa, at least for a certain period of time. 

 The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) have a useful guide on their website about protecting your Student Visa status. This covers many of the points above in more detail.