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Law lives is our extra curricular scheme that combines our pro bono programme with other professional skills development and networking events.

Under the Umbrella of Law Lives, you'll build, develop and strengthen transferable skills and experiences through a range of different activities and programmes such as our Pro Bono Clinic, volunteering, and much more.

Brunel's Pro Bono Legal Advice Centre is part of Law Lives and provides practical legal education for students of Brunel Law School through the below activities:

Client Interview Shadowings

As part of our pro bono programme our students have the opportunity to interview real clients within the Brunel Legal Advice Centre with real legal issues and give them much needed legal advice that they cannot normally afford and improving their access to justice.

IP Pro Bono

We are delighted to be able to offer our law students the opportunity to work within the Intellectual Property field, advising Start-ups and small to medium organisations on their intellectual property rights.


Our students prepare live workshops and presentations to a client group such as a school or community group and develop their research, teamwork and oral communication skills in the process.

Amnesty International letter writing project

Students watch a Practitioner led presentation on a campain supported by Amnesty International on a pre-selected topic. They then write a letter to the relevant authorities. 

Other Law Lives activities include the:

  • SPA Mock trial, this is where prosecutors from Service Prosecuting Authoriy (SPA) work with us to create a mock trial for students to participate in
  • David Rosen's workshops: practical legal skills and advocacy is another way of learning the practical application of law 
  • PwC and Blake Morgan Collaborative Competition which involves creating a team presentation based on your research skills and then pitching to both PwC and Blake Morgan.

These workshops will help transform you into a successful employable graduate and by taking part in them you will demonstrate commitment to your legal career, be able to build on your skill set and begin to explore different legal opportunities.  

As a Brunel law student you will be able to book onto any extra curricular activities, including law and pro bono workshops through the Professional Life Student Booking Portal.  You can also use the portal to download a certificate of participation.

Explore your opportunities through the Brunel Law School

"I must say after this experience I have become confident in dealing with clients, legal research and drafting legal letters."
Hafsa Arif