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The Brunel Law School and Law Society put together regular moots for students from their first year. 

Moots are mock courtroom hearings, wherein students represent claimants and defendants (respectively, the people bringing the court claim and those defending themselves against it).

Through moots and national mooting competitions at both internal beginner and external advanced levels, students who wish to, and are a member of the Law Society, can hone their skills in debating and litigation, which proves incredibly useful in their future legal career. 

These require students to learn about law in the relevant field - whether contract law, criminal law, company law or indeed any other specialism. Students will learn how to prepare effective cases and court bundles for these hearings, via masterclasses and advice from fellow students.

Mooting tips

Stay calm

Plan your time and allow enough time to prepare

Read cases

Make sure you are completely familiar with the legal arguments

Prepare your bundles early

Follow the instructions and make enough copies for the moot

Label your bundles

This will make it easier to navigate, for yourself and others in the courtroom

Work as a team

Ensure you are all involved so you can support each other on the day

Enjoy yourself

Everyone is there for the experience and you will all be embracing a great learning opportunity