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Copyright for databases

Electronic works are covered by copyright law. Databases and software may not therefore be copied without permission, even if they are free. There are usually terms and conditions attached or included in the licence which will state conditions under which the material may be copied. The only exception is software which is clearly indicated as being in the public domain. This is not copyright and may be distributed and used freely.

Software purchased by the University is usually licensed and covered by the Chest Code of Conduct. Copying and distribution of this software can only be done by authorised staff, and inventories are maintained of who receives it. Users of software and databases should be aware of Computer Centre policies and rules, in particular the Brunel Acceptable Computer Use Policy.

Electronic books, journals and databases purchased by Brunel Library are all covered by licence agreements. Please note it is good practice to delete any copies of data at the end of the research process. More information about these is included in copying from e-resources.