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Trailfinders Trojans Academy women's rugby scholarship programme

Join the first women's rugby academy programme in England.

The Trailfinders Trojans Academy programme is an excellent opportunity for young women to build on their skills whilst gaining a university qualification. This new and exciting full-time rugby academy started in September 2021. The programme is part of the Ealing Traifinder Rugby Club's ambitious plan of launching a senior women's team and will play an integral part in its success. We are looking to develop existing rugby players and those athletes with transferable skills from other sports to become part of this elite women’s programme.

rugby training from bird eye view
rugby training from bird eye view

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Weekly elite-level coaching from internationally experienced team

The coaching team that we have put in place are of the highest calibre and with international experience behind them, they will provide you with the platform to succeed.

As an academy player you will have a full-time training programme which fits around your studies, involving a combination of rugby training, skills, strength and conditioning. Our head coach is Steve Wagstaff who re-joined the academy coaching team, having previously worked for the Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club back in 2014. Former England player Kim Oliver has been appointed as one of the coaches to manage the academy at Brunel alongside the sister programme at Henley College. Our coaching team has been recruited to work together to build the foundations of the women’s academy programme alongside that of the men. 

group of female rugby players
group of female rugby players

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Backroom team, medical, nutritional and personal support

The backroom team includes analysts, strength and conditioning coaches. The full-time medical staff from physiotherapists to psychologists ensure that our players are in the best condition possible for training and matches, and they work alongside the nutritionists to assist with your dietary needs. Careers on and off the field are equally important for the players and we are proud of the work of our player development manager who prepares the academy players for their career after university. Our pastoral support includes mentoring, educational assistance and chaplain guidance. 

Brunel Univeristy London also offers a wide range of services from study support to health, mental health and wellbeing and employability

Player opportunities

The academy provides plenty of opportunities to develop your rugby skills. University rugby is an excellent environment for you to develop as a player. The BUCS leagues are the home to all university sides in the UK. Brunel competes at the premier level of BUCS rugby and has a fixture list that includes many of the top university rugby programmes in the UK. This year will see the development of a fixture list alongside the BUCS schedule which will offer excellent challenges for the team, the development of a Sevens squad and an increased partnership with clubs.


As an academy player you will share your time between the Trailfinders Sports Club and the university. At Brunel you'll have free access to all of the sports facilities, including the Indoor Athletic Centre, the gym and sports centre and the outdoor sports park. The university also has plenty of green spaces for those who prefer to exercise outdoors. There is also a new performance gym being built specifically for the academy players as well as a new 3G pitch. 

The Trailfinders Sports Club, home of Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club, is a 5,000 seater stadium with 4G pitches. The facilities at the club are constantly expanding. The newest addition is a new state-of-the-art indoor training centre that include a rugby pitch as well as changing rooms.

Campus accommodation, commuting and life as a scholarship student

If you decide to live in university accommodation, your room will be next to the Brunel sports facilities and you will share a flat with other sport scholars. With everything on site, sports facilities, great eating spots, teaching facilities, amazing student support, and vibrant student life from student societies to parties, there’s a real community feel. If you want to rent off-campus, Brunel Student Lettings, our on-campus letting agency can provide help. For those who decide to commute, Brunel is easily accessible by road, rail, underground and buses. As a scholarship student you will have trainings and activites both on campus and at the Trailfinders Sport Club which is also an easy commute. 

Of course, as an academy player you will have free access to the Ealing Trailfinders games to support the club.

As a Team Brunel rugby player and sport scholar, you will also get a free Brunel sport scholarship training kit.   

Throughout the year there are a number of events which focus on your growth away from the sport, with talks from industry experts as well as practical demonstrations. 

Financial support

Our scholarship programme offers bursary and financial assistance with the university accommodation and tuition fees. These are variable amounts and based on individual decisions.