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WISEflow for TPOs

Click on the links below to access WISEflow resources for TPOs and flow managers:

'An error occurred!' while trying to access the Flow

This message usually pops up when a user with lower access privilege search for flows to view them, unless the user is a manager of the flow or have higher level of access than the current manager, such error message will always pop up.

Activating the flow

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Adding additional material

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Adding briefs and activities

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Adding markers and reviewers

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Adding other managers and staff

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Adding rubrics

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Adding sources

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Adding students manually

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Assessment and review settings

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Cover sheets

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Creating the flow

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Exam settings

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Flow types

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Group settings

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How can I get a summary of students grades for a particular course to allow me to organise grade boundaries?

Staff that have Manager access to the flow in question can export an Excel compatible spreadsheet of all of the registered grades. However, if the Flow is archived, then it has to be accessed from the 'Manager Archive' in the upper right:

Gradeboundaries  - archive

Once on the main flow page, scroll down to the Participants section and click Tools > Export assessments:

Grades - export assessments

This will take you to a screen which shows a full list of all the students and their registered grades. Clicking 'Export filtration to file' will reveal an option to export this information as a spreadsheet:

Export as csv

Missing 'submit final assignment' button?

Recently, WISEflow has made the 'submit assessment' checkbox ticked (selected by default).

So when making any flow, if grades (or marks) are not entered, it should be unticked.

In addition, the Assessors and Reviewers have their own section in the Manager page in the release, as such the submit assessment checkbox can be found inside that section.

Setting up for blind review flows

When setting up WiseFlow for blind reviews there are possible and potential scenarios that can happen. These include:

  • discrepancy between the 1st marker and 2nd marker’s grades
  • double blind marking and on whether the two markers can know it is a double blind marking     

In the event managers will deal with the above type of scenario, it is to know that there are two main stages when marking in WiseFlow:

  1. Registering (entering marks, also called registering – after registering, the mark can be changed by the person who entered it)
  2. Submitting (clicking a button to submit the registered mark – after submitting, the mark cannot be changed by anyone, unless the manager unpicks it and then, the person who entered it, has to register the new mark and submit again)

When blind marking is in place, the markers:

  1. Register the mark
  2. But when they go to submit the mark, unless they submit the same mark, the system will not accept a submission from either of them. They will see an error that looks like this: (the message reads “The assessment is not equal to assessment submitted by the co-assessor(s). When consensus on the assessment has been reached, all assessors will need to register the assessment again”)
  1. Blind flows

So, after 1. Registering, they should meet and discuss their mark, and agree on one mark, then both of them individually need to 1. Register that agreed mark and 2. Submit that agreed mark.

On the other hand, two markers can know that it is double-blind marking on WiseFlow, when there are two or more assessors allocated to the same student: two or more green blobs against the same students.

More so, markers will be able to see who else is marking the same submission by clicking on the Co-assessors button and see other assessors that are marking each student as shown in the screengrab below:

Blind flow screenshot

In the above screenshot, the assessor who opened this screen and Simon Kent have been assigned to mark student number 1.

It is considered a good practice to give each assessor a list of who is marking whom (in a word or excel format) so that they can organize discussing the mark with their co-assessor for each student, before submitting their grade. The reason is before submitting, they (the markers) need to discuss and come to an agreement on the mark.

Source types

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Students with blank surnames or forenames in SITS

Students with blank surnames or forenames in SITS must be added manually to flows at the moment (and have their grades entered manually too). 

Titles and subtitles

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Unable to add member of staff to flow

If you can't find an academic in WiseFlow, it's most likely that they don't have a WiseFlow account. As such, the person needs to be added.

Understanding deadlines

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What can I do if a student requests details of their originality check report?

It is Brunel’s policy that the outcome of similarity checking is not shown to the students at any point.

However, if a student wants a copy of the originality report from the CheckIt process, they should discuss this with their principal supervisor as they’ll be able to share it with them via email.

When do flows become archived?

A flow is archived one month after its assessment period ends