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Careers and your future in Mathematics

With a mathematics degree you'll gain skills and knowledge that you can apply to the world around you, whether it's in science, technology, business, or wherever your individual interests lie.

There is a substantial demand for mathematically trained graduates across various industries. Employers highly value individuals with strong quantitative and analytical skills, making math graduates sought after in the job market.

Where can a mathematics degree take you?

We equip both of our undergraduate and postgraduate graduates with the knowledge and skills to pursue diverse and rewarding careers across various sectors. Mathematical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability will make you a valuable asset across industries, ensuring a diverse array of career pathways to explore. Here's a glimpse of the career avenues that Brunel graduates, regardless of their level of study, often explore:

  • Data analysis and data science: our graduates often find opportunities in data-driven roles, leveraging their mathematical expertise to analyse and interpret data. This can include positions in data analysis, data science, and business intelligence, where you work with organisations to make informed decisions based on data insights.
  • Finance and banking: many graduates enter the financial sector, including roles in investment banking, risk analysis, and financial consultancy. Strong quantitative skills and analytical thinking are highly valued in these roles.
  • Technology and IT: with a solid foundation in mathematics, you can excel in technology-related careers such as software development, IT consultancy, and cybersecurity. Problem-solving abilities and logical thinking are assets in the ever-evolving tech industry.
  • Government and public sector: you may choose to work in government agencies, where your analytical skills will contribute to policy development, data analysis, and research initiatives aimed at improving public services and decision-making.
  • Education and academia: Some graduates pursue careers in education, becoming mathematics teachers or lecturers. The deep understanding of mathematical concepts will allow you to educate the next generation of mathematicians and STEM professionals.
  • Research: if you're interested in research you can explore roles within academia or in research institutions, collaborating with academic experts and companies to address modern challenges in technology, business, and beyond.
  • Entrepreneurship and startups: With the support of Brunel's Entrepreneur Hub, you can embark on entrepreneurial journeys, launching your own ventures, and leveraging your mathematical skills in various business domains.
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals: In the healthcare sector, graduates may contribute to health analytics, medical research, or pharmaceutical data analysis, applying mathematical skills to improve healthcare outcomes.
  • International opportunities: lots of Brunel graduates have the chance to work globally, pursuing careers in international organisations, multinational corporations, or exploring international study and work opportunities.

What career support is available?

As a mathematics student at Brunel, you can access comprehensive career support that extends throughout your academic journey and beyond. Our career advisors can assist you in exploring various career paths, helping you make informed decisions about your future.

Brunel offers a team of dedicated maths placement and careers consultants who are committed to your success. They provide guidance and support from the moment you start your academic journey at Brunel until three years after you graduate. We provide a range of workshops, resources, and one-on-one appointments to enhance your employability skills. These resources cover areas such as CV improvement, application writing, assesment day preparation, and interview readiness.

Studying Mathematics at Brunel equipped me with a broad range of skills that helped me in the real world.
James, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
Brunel ensured that I gained self-confidence when it came to addressing a new challenge alongside problem-solving and computational skills.
Matthew, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
The work experience [during my degree] was invaluable to get me started on a career and quickly take responsibility
Chris, Undergraduate, Alumni
From Singapore more...
The skills learned have helped me perform at levels that would not have been possible without the experience at Brunel - the guidance and challenge from the professors really has made an impact
Harjeet, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
I loved that Brunel was an on-campus Uni - everything I could possibly need was right there! Everyone was so friendly and it was clear there would be plenty of opportunities available.
Vikki, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
I am passionate about mathematics and believe Brunel is a university that allows that kind of passion to grow
Siobhan, Undergraduate, Alumni
From UK more...
My Brunel experience helped me to be a great team player as well as able to lead a project confidently
Samiksha, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Alumni
Financial Mathematics MSc
From Nepal more...
I completed a thin sandwich placement course at Brunel. This work experience greatly helped me to get a good idea of what I wanted to do, and not do, after I graduated.
Marcus, Undergraduate, Alumni
Maths and Management Studies BA
From UK more...
Brunel has a very good Mathematics department, with some great lecturers and resources. Brunel also has a great Careers service, so take advantage of that.

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