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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Skills Development

Our musculoskeletal ultrasound PgCert programme will provide teaching in the following areas which we have broadly summarised for you. 


Science, technology and safety

You will learn the core physical principles of sound wave generation, interaction and how an ultrasound image is created. This will be taught by a highly experienced medical physicist. 

Generation of an ultrasound image  

You will learn the practical skill of ultrasound probe handling, and image generation from our expert team of sonographers who continue to work in full-time clinical practice. Our outstanding AV setup will give the best experience to learn this practical skill of visualising core peripheral musculoskeletal structures. We have an established relationship with a leading supplier of high-quality ultrasound systems meaning you will be learning in small groups, ensuring a huge amount of hands-on practice. 

Ultrasound image interpretation and reporting 

On completing Module 1 successfully you will be eligible to commence Module 2 and develop your ability to interpret ultrasound images correctly, recognise pathology and report these appropriately. Our team will take you through focussed lectures and practicals covering pathological changes that can occur in bone, tendon, muscle, nerve, joint and ligamentous structures

Injection Therapy 

You will learn through high quality training and education the skills to perform landmark guided injections. You be successfully complete teaching on the core skills of injections therapy but also the impact this can have on patient care. This training and education can be accredited by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.   

Ultrasound Guided Injections   

You will combine the skills of landmark guided injections and musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning to perform competent guided corticosteroid injections and their role within the holistic care pathway for musculoskeletal patients.  

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