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Music skills development

Music at Brunel gives you opportunities to gain real-world, transferable skills, making you highly employable.

From the first week of our course we stress the importance of real-world, transferable skills. These skills include music and therapy, computer science, journalism and other skills. We believe by collaborating with other subject areas we encourage you to think outside the box, and develop skills you just wouldn't gain in a music degree anywhere else.

A Brunel music degree will equip you with the necessary transferable skills such as in public speaking skills, events management, academic writing skills, research skills, social media promotion and the ability to adapt to different environments, interaction and collaborating with others.

As a music student you will also develop music skills such as being able to sight read music and being able to adapt quickly to different genres of music, sound editing, even film editing. You will also be taught how to promote yourself as a freelance musician by using the portfolio throughout your studies.

Music academics actively encourage you to participate in extra-curricular activities and are interested in your future interests. They encourage you to become part of the music at Brunel. Music academics are more than happy to give you support. 

Get the best out of your music degree at Brunel

Our proximity to central London and the London music scene

Brunel is only a 15-minute walk to Uxbridge tube station where a straight train will take you to the centre of London within 40 minutes. Many music students go to London together to enjoy the music scene where you can see amazing people perform. 

Music Student Societies

As a Music student you can take advantage of the many student-run societies such as the singing group society, and Classical Choir. You can also take advantage of the many opportunities available to you on campus like ‘Studio at Brunel’ which has its own band with students from Film and TV Studies and Theatre Studies, where you can be part of a performance whether its backstage doing the sound or lights or performing in the show. As a Brunel music student you will benefit from studying in a culturally diverse environment as you will learn from students who come from different backgrounds with different skills and who can advise and help you to further yourself as a musician.

Guest speakers

We regularly invite guest speakers from the music industry to come and speak to our students so you’ll have the opportunity to hear some fascinating talks giving you advice on how to get started in the music industry for example, a music company that helps young artists to get gigs.   

Communication Skills

As a Music student can you can expand your communication skills and gain insight into other cultures by learning a new language for free. The Brunel Language Centre offers nine languages taught by qualified and experienced language teachers who create a fun and stimulating learning experience for you.