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People in College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences
Economics and Finance

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Name Telephone Email Office
Mrs Sara Al-Asmakh Mrs Sara Al-Asmakh
Research  Currently doing research in the field of Accounting and Auditing, Specifically in rel...
Mr Awon Almajali Mr Awon Almajali
A doctoral researcher in Economics and Finance Department. I finished my bachelor's degree at Muta'h...
Mrs Diyama Awadallah Mrs Diyama Awadallah
I am doing my doctoral research in Finance under the supervision of Dr Dilruba Karim and Professor E...
Mr Emre Gokceli Mr Emre Gokceli
Emre Gokceli is a PhD researcher at Brunel University London, and he is currently supervised by Dr J...
Mr Ibrahim Morshed Mr Ibrahim Morshed
I have joined Brunel University as a Doctoral Researcher in April 2021.  Prior to this, I worke...
Ms Maria Popova Ms Maria Popova
I am a first year Doctoral Researcher at Brunel University. My research explores the impact of ...