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Femke is a doctoral researcher working on the development of a mock circulation of the cardiovascular system for testing cardiac assist devices. Heart failure is a major health risk, and with limited availability of donor organs, there is an increasing need for developing cardiac assist devices (CADs). Prototypes of CADs have been tested in hydraulic systems that should mimic the function of the cardiovascular system, known as mock circulatory loops (MCLs). Further development merged MCLs and computational circulatory models to improve flexibility and accuracy of the system; commonly known as hybrid mock circulatory loops. During my study, I will be developing the next generation of hybrid mock circulatory loops. Femke's expertise includes experimental research, data analysis, and interpretation. Femke enjoys using her creativity to find solutions to scientific research problems.


  • Master of Science, Biomedical, Biomechanics and Bioelectronics Engineering, Brunel University 
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Engineering Physics, Fontys University of Applied Siencies