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Mrs Janine King
PhD Student


Hello All, I am an international, Ph.D. student from Grindstone, Pennsylvania, a small coal-mining town located 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, situated on the East Coast of the United States. Before beginning my Ph.D. at Brunel, I worked in Law Enforcement, Social Services, and Program Development for over 20 years. Realizing I was no longer feeling fulfilled by my current career placement, I decided to "retire" and pursue my dream of obtaining a Ph.D. 

In January 2020, my Ph.D. studies began. Currently, I am enrolled, on a full-time basis, through the Department of Social and Political Sciences, focusing on sociology and media communications. My research focuses on the construction of the phenomenon of human trafficking and its representation in the five major news-making papers in the United States (Washington Post, NYTimes, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today). This research study examines how this construction and the use of ideal stereotyping, fits with the political economy of newspaper ownership, elite crime, systematic corruption, electioneering, and the illicit economy of labor, located within the United States.

In December 2020, I was selected to HM Government’s Open Innovation Team to work as a Ph.D. placement, aiding in analysis and providing research and insight on priority projects through collaboration with Officials and outside experts. 

Previous Qualifications:

Master of Science: Law and Public Policy Administration, California University of Pennsylvania- 2007

Baccalaureate of Science: Administration of Justice (Honors), Pennsylvania State University-2000

Supervisory Team

Dr. Anita Howarth and Dr. Sara De Benedictis

Future Plans

Once completed, I plan to split the next stage of my career between Policy Development focusing on Social Policy and Teaching at University.