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Professor John Cosmas

Professor John Cosmas
MSc Digital Media Course Director in Advanced Multimedia Design


I joined Brunel University in 1999 and soon became the leader of the Multimedia and Networks group. I have a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Liverpool University (1978) and a PhD in Image Processing from Imperial College (1987). Prior to Brunel, I worked as an electronic engineer at Tube Investments (1978-81) and at Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp. (1981-83), and as a lecturer at Queen Mary College, University of London (1986-99).

 Over the years, I have been at the forefront of research in the areas of digital multimedia TV, 2D/3D digital media with 3D virtual and augmented reality, and 3D TV, as well as digital media delivery and transmission networks. My current 5G research adventure focusses on the internet of radio light and the integration of digital media in the radio-light internet of small family homes, multi-occupancy high rise homes, buildings with public access (museum demonstrator) and public places (train station and supermarket demonstrators). Our research approach interweaves the digital design with the architectural interior design of spaces and the electronic design of the light roses.

 Future plans include research related to the interactive and tactile internet and the development of digital media for specific interactive, tele-driven applications.


In my role as the Course Director for Brunel’s MSc Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies, I endeavour to enrich the course so that our students are trained on the latest, cutting edge technologies.

Newest selected publications

Cosmas, JP., Meunier, B., Ali, K., Jawad, N., Meng, H., Goutagneux, F., et al. (2018) '5G Internet of Radio Light Services for Musée de la Carte à Jouer'.GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS 2018. Paris. 9 - 9 FebruaryOpen Access Link

Conference paper

Cosmas, JP., Meunier, B., Ali, K., Jawad, N., Salih, M. and Meng, H. (2017) '5G Internet of Radio Light Services for Supermarkets'.Solidstate Semiconductor Lighting 2017. Beijing. 3 - 3 November[unpublished] Open Access Link

Conference paper

Cosmas, JP. and Zhang, Y. (2017) 'Internet of Radio-Light: 5G Broadband in Buildings'.European Wireless 2017. Dresden. 19 - 19 MayOpen Access Link

Conference paper

Luo, H., Zhang, Y., Huang, LK., Cosmas, J. and Aggoun, A. (2017) 'A closed-loop reciprocity calibration method for massive MIMO in terrestrial broadcasting systems'. IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 63 (1). pp. 11 - 19. ISSN: 0018-9316

Journal article

Cosmas, J., Zhang, Y. and Zhang, X. (2017) 'Internet of Radio-Light: 5G broadband in buildings'.

Conference paper
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