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Research area(s)

Digital Media Systems and Design

Research Interests

Internet of Radio Light (IoRL): Research for the IoRL project interweaves digital design with the architectural interior design of spaces and the electronic design of the light roses. Further research within IoRL will integrate digital media (mobile phones, laptop/tablet PCs, SHD/UHD TVs and Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) headsets) in the radio-light internet of small family homes (BRE home demonstrator), multi-occupancy high rise homes, buildings with public access (museum demonstrator) and public places (train station and supermarket demonstrators).

5G for Tactile Internet: Redesigning the core network using Software Defined Networks (SDN) so that Tactile Internet traffic gets priority route through it thereby obtaining low end-to-end latencies.

Digital Media for Interactive and Tactile Internet: Research in the development of digital media for the remote driving of cars and tele-control of robots for tele-surgery.

5G Network Design: Redesigning mobile phone base stations so that the radio signal can be steered towards individual or groups of user equipment whilst minimising the noise induced to other user equipment due to the effect of side lobes.

Health and Safety Product Monitoring: Developing an information system to monitor the usage of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled health and safety products, such as first aid boxes, ear plug dispensers and fire extinguishers, in hospitals and companies and to organise the management of their replenishment using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that predicts their usage trends.

Digital TV Transmission Optimisation: Developing channel estimation and equalisation technologies and MIMO diversity technologies to optimise the transmission of TV RF signals to homes.

Radio Network Planning: Formulating the deployment of small cells as a multi-objective problem for cost, coverage and network throughput in order to minimise cost (number of deployed small cells) while maximising service area coverage and network throughput simultaneously.

Antenna Design and Coverage Optimisation: Developing accurate geographical coverage prediction maps for FM and UHF for channel and frequency allocations and to avoid unwanted interferences and optimising the design of antennas to obtain desired coverage areas.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

IoRL-Internet of Radio Light - Funded by EU, Horizon 2020, ICT. 2017-2020. €750k (to my research team)

 Robot purchase and installation - CEDPS College Equipment funding within the theme “Internet of things”. 2015.

 3D-VIVANT - Live Immerse Video-Audio Interactive Multimedia - Funded by EU, FP7, IST. 2010-2013. £700k (to Brunel)

 PLUTO -Physical Layer DVB Transmission Optimisation - Funded by EU, FP6, IST. 2006-2008. £500k (to Brunel)

 TV Authentication - Funded by Strategy & Technology Ltd. 2006-2008. £25k

 Broadcast Multimedia TV - Funded by BMTV, West Focus. 2006-2007. £55k.

 INSTINCT - IP-based Networks, Services and TermINals for Converging SysTems - Funded by EU, FP6, IST. 2004-2005.  £750k (to Brunel)

 SAVANT - Synchronised and Scaleable AV Content Across Networks - Funded by EU, FP6, IST. 2002-2004.  £250k (to Brunel)

 CONFLUENT - Convergent networks for commercial applications in UMTS and DVB-T systems - Funded by EU, FP6, IST. 2002-2003.  £150k (to Brunel)

 CISMUMDUS - Convergence of IP services for mobile users in DVB and UMTS networks - Funded by EU, FP5, IST. 2001-2003.  £500k (to Brunel)

 3D MURALE - 3D Measurement & Virtual Reconstruction of Ancient Lost Worlds of Europe - Funded by EU, FP5, IST. 2001-2003.  £250k (to Brunel)

 Microscope imaging - DTI, Teaching Company Scheme. 2000-2001.  £60k

 SAMBITS - Advanced Multimedia Broadcast & IT Services - Funded by EU, FP5, IST. 2000-2001.  £230k (to Brunel)