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Dr Lorna Anguilano
Senior Research Fellow


Lorna Anguilano is a Senior Research Fellow, Quality Manager of the Experimental Techniques Centre and the Assistant Director of the Wolfson Centre for Sustainable materials development and Processing.

Lorna’s background is in applied mineralogy with a PhD in Archaeometallurgy and a wide experience of material characterisation through X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Back-Scattering Diffraction. She provides consultancy in material characterisation and failure’s diagnosis as well as actively generates and develops research in materials characterisation and development.

Her research focuses on the overarching concept of upcycling waste and recovery of secondary raw material with a keen interest on metal and polymer recycling for energy and aquaculture applications and phytomining of critical raw materials. Lorna is also continuing her research in the archaometallurgical field.

Newest selected publications

Anguilano, L., Campbell, J., Tarverdi, K., Minton, T. and Adole, O. (2020) 'Basalt Fibre-Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Composite Development Using the Twin Screw Extrusion Process'. Polymer Testing, 91. pp. 106467 - 106467. ISSN: 0142-9418

Journal article

Adole, O., Barekar, N., McKay, B., Anguilano, L., Minton, T. and Novytskyi, A. (2018) 'Fibre/matrix intermetallic phase formation in novel aluminium-basalt composites'. Materials Letters, 239. pp. 128 - 131. ISSN: 0167-577X Open Access Link

Journal article

Malinauskaite, J., Jouhara, H., Czajczyńska, D., Stanchev, P., Katsou, E., Rostkowsk, P., et al. (2017) 'Municipal Waste Management and Waste-to-Energy in the Context of a Circular Economy and Energy Recycling in Europe'. Energy, 141. pp. 2013 - 2044. ISSN: 0360-5442 Open Access Link

Journal article

Jouhara, H., Nannou, T., Anguilano, L., Ghazal, H. and Spencer, N. (2017) 'Heat Pipe Based Municipal Waste Treatment Unit for Home Energy Recovery'. Energy, 139. pp. 1210 - 1230. ISSN: 0360-5442 Open Access Link

Journal article

Grassi, E. and Anguilano, L. (2017) 'Evidence of Circular Economy in Roman Northern Italy: Bronze Casting Technology'. Materials and Manufacturing Processes. ISSN: 1042-6914 Open Access Link

Journal article
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