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Dr Noam Sagiv
Lecturer in Psychology


Since my undergraduate studies, my interests have gradually shifted from physics and chemistry to neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience and psychology. After completing my PhD studies in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Califronia, I spent two years at University College London as a post-doctoral research fellow. I joined Brunel in 2005.


  • PhD Psychology (Univ of California, Berkeley)
  • MSc Neurobiology (Jerusalem)
  • BSc Physics and Chemistry (Jerusalem)

Newest selected publications

Murray, T., O'Brien, J., Sagiv, N. and Kumari, V. (2022) 'Changes in functional connectivity associated with facial expression processing over the working adult lifespan'. Cortex, 151. pp. 211 - 223. ISSN: 0010-9452

Journal article

Murray, T., O'Brien, J., Sagiv, N. and Garrido, L. (2021) 'The role of stimulus-based cues and conceptual information in processing facial expressions of emotion'. Cortex, 144. pp. 109 - 132. ISSN: 0010-9452 Open Access Link

Journal article

Monroy, E., Imada, T., Sagiv, N. and Orgs, G. (2021) 'Dance across cultures: Joint action aesthetics in Japan and the UK'. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 40 (2). pp. 209 - 227. ISSN: 0276-2374 Open Access Link

Journal article

Simner, J., Hughes, JEA. and Sagiv, N. (2019) 'Objectum sexuality: A sexual orientation linked with autism and synaesthesia'. Scientific Reports, 9 (1). pp. 19874. ISSN: 2045-2322 Open Access Link

Journal article

Sagiv, N., Sobczak-Edmans, M. and Williams, AL. (2017) 'Personification, Synaesthesia and Social Cognition', in Deroy, O. (ed.) Sensory blendings: New essays on synaesthesia and related phenomena. Oxford : Oxford University Press. ISBN 10: 0199688281.

Book chapter
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