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My teaching background is in both tertiary education and in industry.

I taught O-Level Maths and Science in Zimbabwe at Samambwa and Sidhakeni secondary schools. I also have experience in training staff members in the IT industry. I installed, configured and tested a live and automated internet billing system called AIMS/REMEDY, in 1998, at Africa Online (Pvt) Ltd (Zimbabwe). The system sat on an Oracle database and ran on Unix. I then trained staff on how to use the new automated system, which was different from the manual system previously used. From June to August 2003, I undertook a project which included installing and configuring the GRIC and EasyNet VPN (Virtual Private Network) dialers on Orion Clinical Services employee laptops. The software was for remote access, enabling employees to work away from the office using their laptops. I then trained staff on how to use the remote accress software. My other duties during my employment by Orion clinical Services from February 2001 to June 2004, were clinical data entry and analysis.