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Sophia Haghani is a chartered scientist and deputy Quality Manager of the Experimental Techniques Centre.

She has extensive experience in material characterisation through X-Ray Diffraction, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and X-Ray Fluorescence. She provides consultancy in material characterisation and material development. She is also a fellow of Higher Education Academy, with teaching experience  in material charactrisation technques, water infrustructures and sea level change.  

Selected publications

Haghani, S. and Leroy, S., 2020. Recent avulsion history of Sefidrud, south west of the Caspian Sea. Quaternary International 540, 97-110.

Haghani, S., Leroy, S., Khdir, S., Kabiri, K., Naderi Beni, M., Lahijani, H.A.K., 2016. An early Little Ice Age brackish water invasion along the south coast of the Caspian Sea (sediment of Langarud wetland) and its wider impacts on environment and people. The Holocene 26 (1), 3-16.

Haghani, S., Leroy, S., Wesselingh, F., Rose, N., 2016. Rapid evolution of coastal lagoons in response to human interference under rapid sea level change: A south Caspian Sea case study, Quaternary International 408, 93-112.

Haghani, S. and Leroy, S., 2016. Differential impact of long-shore currents on coastal geomorphology development in the context of rapid sea level changes: the case of the Old Sefidrud (Caspian Sea), Quaternary International 408, 78-92.

Akinlotan, O., Moghalu, O.A., Hatter, S.J., Okunuwadje, S., Anquilano, L., Onwukwe, U., Haghani, S., Anyiam, O.A., Jolly, B.A., 2022. Clay mineral formation and transformation in non-marine environments and implications for Early Cretaceous palaeoclimatic evolution: The Weald Basin, Southeast England. Journal of Palaeogeography 11(3), 387-409.

Lahijani, H.A.K, Abbasian, H., Naderi-Beni, A., Leroy, S., Haghani, S., Habibi, P., Hosseindust, M., Shahkarami, S.,Yeganeh, S., Zandinasab, Z., Tavakoli, V., Vahabi-Asli, F., Azizpour, J., Sayed-Valizadeh, M., Pourkerman, M.,Shah-Hosseini, M., 2019. Sediment distribution pattern of the South Caspian Sea: possible hydroclimatic implications. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 56(6), 637.653.

Leroy, S., Chalié, F., Wesselingh, F.P., Sanjani, M.S., Lahijani, H.A.K., Athersuch, J., Struck, U., Plunkett, G., Reimer, P.J., Habibi, P., Haghani, S., Naderi Beni, A.,Arpe, K., 2018 Jan. 2016. Multi-proxy indicators in a quasi-marine system: a depth transect of surface sediment in the S-E Caspian Sea. Geologica Belgica  21(3-4), 143-165.

Bison, G., Pozzan, L., Haghani, S., Anguilano, L., 2017. Metalworking Evidence from a Late antique Context in the Forum of Grumentum. Science and Technology of Archaeological Research 3), 220- 237.

Leroy, S.A.G., Lahijani, H.A.K., Reyss, J. L., Chalie, F., Haghani, S., Shah-Hosseini, M., Shahkarami, S., Tudryn, A., Arpe, K., Habibi, P., Nasrollahzadeh, H.S., Makhlough, A., 2013. A two-step expansion of the dinocyst Lingulodinium machaerophorum in the Caspian Sea: the role of changing environment. Quaternary Science Reviews 77, 31-45.

Leroy, S. A. G., Lahijani, H. A. K., Reyss, J. L., Chalié, F., Haghani, S., Shah-Hosseini, M., Shahkarami, S., Tudryn, A., Arpe, K., Habibi, P. and Nasrollahzadeh, H. S., 2012. Lingulodinium machaerophorum expansion over the last centuries in the Caspian Sea reflects global warming. Biogeosciences Discussions, 9(11), 16663-16704.


Professional activities

  • Chartered Scientist
  • Chartered Geologist
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • UKAS Internal auditor

Current Teaching activities

  • Introduction to X-Ray Diffraction (Level: postgraduate)