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Zakaria is a doctoral researcher studying the Development of Psychological Concepts optimising the use of A.I. Applications, particularly within the Healthcare industry. His research focus includes the minimisation of risk and human error within applications using ML (Machine Learning) and DL (Deep Learning). A former MSc. student at Brunel in Digital Design and Branding, he has incorprated his postgraduate degree in Digital Design and Branding into his PhD. studies in the hope to develop into the advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

With a previous undergraduate degree in Management and Digital Media, Zakaria is currently working towards his thesis with previous research in A.I. applications, developmental technologies and multimedia and branding strategies. He is currently working under the guidance of Dr. Timothy Minton and Dr. Eujin Pei. His Research Development Advisor is Dr. Nadarajah Manivannan.

Being the first in his family to attend University and gain degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Zakaria aims for a career in further Academia after completing his doctoral degree.