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Public Health and Health Promotion skills development

At Brunel, you’ll have the opportunity to gain advanced skills, principles and knowledge to address the public health challenges faced in our society.

You’ll get a comprehensive learning experience where the boundaries and findings of your research are critically evaluated. In our immersive practical workshops, you’ll be exposed to multi-peer review by current and former students as well as your lecturers, giving you thought-provoking, multi-layered perspectives that you can build into your work.

You’ll use statistical data analysis tools such as SPSS and NVIVO to discover trends in secondary research and to develop your own research conclusions. This will advance your research and critical analysis skills, enabling you to become a key driver for societal change.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of public health and health promotion through our international academic expertise. Our academics have taught, worked or carried out research across the world, so you’ll benefit from their global perspective.

Explore Public Health and Health Promotion at Brunel