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Industrial Thermal Energy Recovery Conversion and Management

The main aim of the I-ThERM project is to investigate, design, build and demonstrate innovative plug and play waste heat recovery solutions and the optimum utilization of energy within and outside the plant perimeter for selected applications with high replicability and energy recovery potential in the temperature range 70oC- 1000oC

Waste heat recovery systems offer significant energy savings and substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions. The waste heat recovery market is projected to exceed €45.0 billion by 2018, but for this projection to materialise and for the European manufacturing and user industry to benefit from these developments, technological improvements and innovations need to take place aimed at improving the energy efficiency of heat recovery equipment and reducing installed costs.

The aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate technologies and processes for efficient and cost-effective heat recovery from industrial facilities in the temperature range of 70oc to 1000oc and the optimum integration of these technologies with the existing energy system or for over the fence export of recovered heat and generated electricity if appropriate.

To achieve this challenging aim, and ensure wide application of the technologies and approaches developed, the project brings together RTD providers, technology providers and large and SME users who will provide demonstration sites for the technologies.

The project will focus on two-phase innovative heat transfer technologies (heat pipes-HP) for the recovery of heat from medium and low-temperature sources and the use of this heat for (a) within the same facility or export over the fence; (b) for generation of electrical power; or a combination of (a) and (b) depending on the needs.

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Heat Pipe and Thermal Management - Thermal management; Energy efficiency development; Emission reduction; Energy recovery; Heat-pipe technology; Heat exchangers; Fluid dynamics.

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