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Meeting net zero in digital research infrastructure

Different digital research infrastructure (DRI) stakeholders need help to understand and plan for meeting net zero challenges. Many of the skills and knowledge needed to solve net zero challenges are already in the community – but we lack the mechanisms for sharing them and enabling behaviour change.

This project will lead a series of participatory workshops which will be undertaken with the aim to connect and enthuse the DRI community in order to meet the net zero challenge. The workshops are designed to empower all stakeholders to take ownership of the path to net zero.

Go Zero project

Participants will have a chance to share the future of UKRI’s net zero work, give their views, receive incentives, and network with others! Recommendations will be provided to UKRI Net Zero Scoping team and will influence net zero plans moving forward.

What’s involved in each workshop?

WORKSHOP 1: Where does the energy consumption come from and how can it be made more efficient?

WORKSHOP 2: What to do with the fossil fuel left over/how to limit unavoided emissions and what behaviour change solutions exist to meet climate targets?WORKSHOP 3: What are key actions (by 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040) to meet net zero targets?

This research targets the UK Research community across the nine councils, and involves computing infrastructure providers and experts; application developers; (scientific and business) users of the software and/or high performance computing (HPC) resources; funding and data providers; users and providers of digital repositories, and technology designers. Recommendations will be provided to UKRI Net Zero Scoping team and will influence net zero plans moving forward.

Project: Go Zero
Project: Go Zero

Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Professor Danae Manika
Professor Danae Manika - Danae Manika (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Marketing at Brunel Business School and Deputy Dean of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences. Previously, Danae was Associate Head of Brunel Business School. Before joining Brunel University London, she was Professor of Marketing at Newcastle University Business School, where she led its London Campus as Academic Group Head and held the Deputy Director of Research role at Newcastle University Business School. Danae in the past has also held academic positions at Queen Mary University of London, Durham University and the University of Texas at Austin; and is currently Visiting Professor at Newcastle University and Queen Mary University of London. Prior to her academic career, Danae worked as an Account Planning Intern in advertising agencies such as Latinworks in Austin, TX, and DDB in New York. She obtained a Ph.D and a M.A. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and a B.A. Honours in Marketing from University of Stirling. Danae’s recent research has been published in journals such as: Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Psychology and Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Research, European Management Review, and International Business Review, amongst others. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Danae’s research focuses on effective message construction for behaviour change within the contexts of health, well-being and the environment. She is involved in various consultancies (e.g., Harrow Council, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, RECOUP, Global Action Plan, Texas Comprehensive Cancer Control Coalition), and her research has been supported by £364,000+ of funding (e.g., CRUK, EPSRC/Innovate UK, NERC/NCAS, RED, and Arrow/ERDF). Danae is Section Editor for the Journal of Business Ethics (section: Marketing Ethics; FT50 journal), and Associate Editor (AE) for Business and Society and the Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, while in the past she was AE for the Journal of Marketing Management (2017-21). She is also currently on the Editorial Review Boards of:Technological Forecasting & Social Change, and Journal of Marketing Management; with guest editor experience across multiple top journals. Danae also has experience as: funding reviewer for Cancer Research UK (2015-19); and track chair for the Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress Conference in 2023, the Transformative Consumer Research Conference in 2021, and the European Social Marketing Association Conference in 2016.

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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability - Our focus is on how individuals, businesses and societies can tap into creative and entrepreneurial flair to develop innovative solutions, in order to not only create economic value, but also solve social and environmental problems.

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