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Are British voters ready for i-voting? Dr Manu Savani and Prof Justin Fisher elaborate on their research findings


With the rise of digital platforms shaping political engagement, public services and interpersonal connections, the question arises: are we ready for i-voting?  Basing on their recent research report, Dr Manu Savani and Professor Justin Fisher look at what makes British voters willing to take up i-voting.

The key conclusions highlighted by Dr Savani and Professor Fisher are: 

  • Two-thirds of the research participants said they would opt for i-voting if it were available, based on its convenience, ease of use, simplicity and accessibility. On the 0 to 10 scale, our participants now gave an average score of 8.4.
  • Participants evaluated the app positively, particularly in terms of design, layout, and navigation. 
  • If i-voting were to become an option in future, respondents wanted to see stronger security and authentication features. 

Read the full blog post: Are British voters ready for i-voting (
Read the full research report here: I-voting-report-July-2023.pdf (

Reported by:

Eliza Kania