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Why study Biomedical Sciences at Brunel?

Get involved in real-world learning that matters

Whether you’re looking to breakthrough or make an impact in the world of science, biomedical sciences at Brunel offers you the highest standard of teaching in our extensive range of laboratories that will set you up for future success.

You’ll learn the most up-to-date scientific discoveries in the fast-moving biosciences field where our academics teach you leading-edge research through practical hands-on experience. You’ll benefit from learning their latest knowledge which you’ll then be able to apply this to your own ideas.

Our lecturers are active researchers who have published in high-quality review and textbooks in areas such as treatments for modern diseases, personalised medicine, cancer and genomic treatments and ageing diseases.

Through learning about the range of human diseases and medical approaches through their research, you’ll be equipped to better understand, treat and develop treatments in your study of biomedical sciences.

Study biomedical sciences in a dynamic scientific  environment