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Biomedical Sciences facilities

At Brunel, you’ll bring scientific theory to life on your biomedical sciences course.

From day one, you’ll be taught in our suite of purpose-built biomedical sciences laboratories which consist of ground-breaking equipment.

Molecular laboratory

We’re famous for our cancer research. The molecular laboratory is used for modern molecular biology techniques, such as molecular cloning.

Tissue culture laboratory

You can practice on laminar flow hoods and incubators which are used on a variety of human cell types including cancer cells, normal cells and those from patients with various inherited genetic diseases.

Microscope laboratory

Use our 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional fluorescence microscopy which are utilised in the imaging of human cells and chromosomes.

Fly laboratory

Fruit flies are used to help you research and study the genetics of ageing.


These machines are used to amplify DNA and electrophoresis gel to help you progress your knowledge in the studyof DNA.

Study biomedical sciences courses at Brunel

Flexible and compressed hours enabled me to work more efficiently, engaging more with my students and permitted me the quiet times for writing grants and papers. Such that after 10 years of being a Reader, I have now been promoted in 2020 to Professor.

Joanna, Staff

From UK

My best memory of studying at Brunel - personalised tuition and approachable tutors.

Peter, Alumni,Undergraduate

Applied Biochemistry BTech

From UK

Without support from my careers consultant and placement adviser, I would not be where I am today. They really believed in me, even when I didn't.

Billy, Undergraduate

From UK

I would recommend opting for a placement year as it really adds value to your CV.

Julia, Undergraduate

From UK

The whole process of gaining a placement was an interesting journey which I enjoyed even though it was a struggle at times. The application process was something very new to me and getting through all the different stages was something I learnt a lot from.

Dhruti, Undergraduate

(BSc) UG Biological Sciences

From UK

For students currently applying for a placement, my advice is: be strategic, persevere and use the services PDC have to offer – they are there for you!

Mercy, Undergraduate

Biomedical Sciences

From UK

Since I first approached the PDC for placement advice as an undergraduate, I've been supported in every aspect of building my dream career as a scientist.

Denise, Research

Biomedical sciences

From Italy

I always loved Biology and the course at Brunel appealed to me, especially because work placements in the field were offered.

Vibha, Alumni,Undergraduate

Medical Biology BSc

From USA

Brunel provided a great opportunity to work together with leading academics and students from all different backgrounds in a very inspiring environment.

Gamalendira, Alumni,Postgraduate

Biomedical Biomechanics and Bioelectronics Engineering MSc

From Sri Lanka

Studying Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University London has been one of the most positive and important opportunities I’ve had the fortune to be given

Alexia, Undergraduate


From UK

During my degree I’ve learned about the development of cancer down to the cellular level, and increased my knowledge on all the different proteins and stages involved from mutation to cancer formation, invasion and progression. I’ve found it fascinating.

Fahreen, Alumni,Undergraduate

From UK

I would not be working at this level of seniority so soon without my Biomedical Sciences PhD.

Susan, Alumni,Research

From UK