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Our students

Students at Brunel take part in all sorts of creative activities, we have a range of opportunities available

 If you’re a student at Brunel, you can get in touch with us to talk about the industry or if there’s something you want to do/run/organise then contact us here and we’ll see what we can do. 

How we help current students

The hub supports you with various activities – we're helping run the graduate showcase event next year, supporting events such as Arts@Artaud and the Arts Centre.  This year we arranged a trip to Leuven for first/second years open to anyone interested in the Creative Industries.  We’re arranging a series of talks and other opportunities – keep an eye on this space for more details. 

What we offer our alumni

Our hub wants to help and support our Alumni – Alumni are our first contact with the world outside, and whenever you attended Brunel we want to stay in touch with you.  You can join our Alumni network here.  We run various alumni events and are looking to expand this network further.   
Read more about some of our Alumni here.

Working with our students

From time to time there are opportunities to work with students – sometimes that might be on a project you’re interested in or with volunteering to help out with something you’re doing. 

We are always looking for authentic work experiences which can be linked to our assessments and of course for guest talks about a range of topics.  If this is something you’re interested in or would like to know more about get in touch here