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Vision and Aims

Our mission is:

  • To provide opportunities to create knowledge and advance understanding in relation to the education of all teachers on a continuum of professional education.
  • To inspire all teachers with the confidence to integrate their own learning for the benefit of the education system and school improvement
  • To impact positively on individual pupils’ learning, progress and well-being through the tools of reflection and criticality.

Our Vision is:

  • To be at the centre of a world-class, creative and innovative teacher education community of outstanding professional practice.
  • To be at the centre of such a community which inspires all teachers to work, think and learn together to meet the challenges of education in the future at a local, regional, national and international level.

Our Core Values:

  • Quality and Ideas
    Excellence prevails in the teacher education provision we offer the Brunel ITE Partnership, in our associated research in teacher education and in the services we provide for a continuum of professional education. Creativity, invention, innovation, and a general spirit of enquiry are fostered in all aspects of our work in teacher education.
  • Clarity and Integrity
    Openness and clarity of purpose are key to how we communicate with our local Partnership and the wider community of teacher education regionally, nationally and internationally. We act with integrity, treat members of our teacher education community with dignity and respect, and are committed to fairness in our practices, policies and procedures.
  • Empowerment and Engagement
    We embrace diversity and promote equality, recognising and celebrating contributions made by all teachers. We support and empower members of our teacher education community to achieve individual and collective goals; from student teachers in initial teacher education through to mentors and senior leaders supporting ITE or school colleagues, through our continuum of academic awards or professional learning opportunities offered through the Partnership.
  • Partnership and Community
    We have a shared responsibility for developing our teacher education community and partners make a vital contribution to our ongoing developments and success. These collaborations within the strong Partnership are enriching and rewarding.
  • Self-determination and sustainability
    We have the confidence to be the architects of our own future in teacher education, and to be proactive in improving our professional learning environment. Planned sustainable development is crucially important to securing our future as a provider of high quality teacher education.