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Inspirational alumni in History

Brunel’s History graduates go into a vast array of professional careers. See what our alumni have gone on to achieve and how we supported them.

Our innovative history courses offer a variety of modules which, teamed with the skills you will develop through our societies and placements, will set our graduates on the path to success. Besides becoming a historian or a teacher our students graduate with a plethora of transferable skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, communication and interaction as well as time management to name just a few.  Armed with these skills, our history graduates are put in good stead for various professions ranging from working in the MP’s Offices at the House of Commons, The Department of Work and Pensions and HM Customs to marketing and research.

The most valuable lesson I took away from university is the importance of getting involved. You develop quicker when you’re solving problems hands on rather than learning solely through study
Joshua, Undergraduate, Alumni
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