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History, Politics and International Relations Staff List

International Relations

<span class='contactname'>Dr Kristian Gustafson</span>
Dr Kristian Gustafson
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Richard Hammond</span>
Dr Richard Hammond
Lecturer in War Studies
<span class='contactname'>Professor Matthew Hughes</span>
Professor Matthew Hughes
Professor - Military History
<span class='contactname'>Dr John Macmillan</span>
Dr John Macmillan
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Professor Matthew Seligmann</span>
Professor Matthew Seligmann
Divisional Lead/Professor - Politics/History
<span class='contactname'>Dr Steven Wagner</span>
Dr Steven Wagner
Lecturer in International Security

Comparative Politics, Public Policy & Political Thought 

<span class='contactname'>Dr Gareth Dale</span>
Dr Gareth Dale
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Professor Justin Fisher</span>
Professor Justin Fisher
Head of Department - Social & Political Sciences
<span class='contactname'>Dr Martin Hansen</span>
Dr Martin Hansen
Senior Lecturer in Politics
<span class='contactname'>Professor Jeffrey Karp</span>
Professor Jeffrey Karp
Professor - Political Science
<span class='contactname'>Dr Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt</span>
Dr Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Manu Savani</span>
Dr Manu Savani
Lecturer in Public Policy
<span class='contactname'>Dr Peter Thomas</span>
Dr Peter Thomas
Senior Lecturer in the History of Political Thought

International History

<span class='contactname'>Dr Alison Carrol</span>
Dr Alison Carrol
Senior Lecturer in Politics And History
<span class='contactname'>Dr Inge Dornan</span>
Dr Inge Dornan
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Martin Folly</span>
Dr Martin Folly
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Professor Kenneth Morgan</span>
Professor Kenneth Morgan
Professor - History
<span class='contactname'>Dr Hannah Whittaker</span>
Dr Hannah Whittaker
Senior Lecturer

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