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Complaints procedure

The new NHS complaints procedure has been simplified since Primary Care Trusts were disbanded in April 2013 and The Brunel Medical Centre fully subscribes to the new revised procedure. The new protocol aims to encourage all complaints, where possible, to be discussed and fully resolved at NHS Practice level.

Any patient who is dissatisfied with advice given or treatment or services received whilst registered at Brunel Medical Centre is invited to contact the Practice Manager either by phone 01895 266442, by letter or email detailing their issues and/or complaint.

The Practice Manager will acknowledge receipt if this complaint within two working days and after discussion with relevant colleagues will aim to respond to the complaint within seven working days detailing a proposed course of action in response to the issue raised.

Resolution of the complaint may be a achieved by written response, alternatively the course of action may include inviting the complainant to a meeting with one or more of the Medical Centre administrative or clinical team.

Whilst local resolution is sought and achieved in the majority of cases, the complainant does have recourse to directing their complaint to NHS England if they remain dissatisfied with the outcome of their discussion with the Practice.