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Confidentiality and Data Protection


We understand how important confidentiality is to our patients and there is complete confidentiality between you and us at all times.

We do not release information to third parties (including the University) unless you specifically ask us to do so. If you would rather not discuss something in reception (such as obtaining test results), please ask to use our private area.

Please understand that we may ask your permission before giving out information, even if you do not mind us sharing it – we do this to protect your confidentiality.

Obtaining access to your medical records

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 gave patients the right to access their own medical records created after 1/11/1991. This was reinforced by provisions within the Data Protection Act 1998.

A doctor must inspect both paper and electronic records before you access them to ensure there are no references to or by third parties that need to be removed - we therefore charge a fee starting from £10 for paper and electronic records as this is not covered by the NHS.

We also ask that you sign a request form. Please book an appointment to access your records so that sufficient time is allowed.