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Medical Centre: Registration

We are an open NHS general medical practice, have been established since 1982 and based on the Brunel Campus in modern and disabled friendly premises.

We offer primary medical care, both to the local non student population and to all those brunel students living either on Uxbridge Campus or within our extensive practice area, who choose to register with us.

If you are away from home and your existing doctor, we cannot stress strongly enough how important it is for you to register with us whilst you are studying at Brunel in order that our team of doctors and nurses can look after you if you are unwell.

Registration with us is very straightforward providing you provide us with certain key information on the linked GMS1 form and Health Questionnaire which should be completed now.

Please read both forms carefully and provide as much information as possible. The address you include in the GMS1 form top section should be your new address whilst at Brunel. The middle section asks for your current home address and existing doctors name and location. It is imperative that you enter your town and country of birth on this GMS1 form. Please note London, England is not sufficient - we require the area of London, e.g. Camden or Stratford.

The Health Questionnaire is designed to provide us with a snapshot of your health from day one of registering with us - you should complete it to advise us of any current medical condition or prescribed medication - whilst we are waiting for your full medical records to arrive which may take weeks.

Once registered you can book an appointment to see a doctor or nurse plus access to a full range of preventative vaccinations for flu  (if you fulfil the criteria), MMR, Meningitis, travel etc.  You may also book your appointments online, please see belo
Please click the link below for on line registration


If you would prefer to print out your form please use the link below
Please complete both forms as fully as possible to avoid delays in your registration with us.


New Patient Questionnaire

Please send completed forms to:

Brunel Medical Centre
Kingston Lane

or email docman.e86030@nhs.net