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5th #CountMeIn! Scientific Meeting: Supporting children's participation

The #CountMeIn! network is delighted to announce its 5th scientific meeting promoting children’s participation. The event runs over two days with pre-meeting workshops held on 15 October 2018. 

This scientific meeting provides a forum which brings together key thinkers on participation from around the world and engages with children young people and families with the aim of sharing ideas and making future plans to embed high quality research into practice policy and education. 


Count me in vision and mission

Abdul-using-his-tablet780x438_218Vision: A collaborative culture where children, young people and families lead full and meaningful lives, where their rights to safety, friendship, play, education, self-expression and rest are protected; and they participate in what they want, need and aspire to.

Mission: To realise our vision for participation we will partner with children, young people and families to influence stakeholders, leading and embedding high quality research in practice, policy and education

For more information visit The Children’s trust.  

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Key note speaker: Professor Christine Imms

ChristineChristine Imms is Professor of Occupational Therapy, inaugural National Head of School of Allied Health, and founding Director of the Centre for Disability and Development Research at the Australian Catholic University.

Christine has a long standing interest in understanding the participation outcome of those with childhood-onset neuro-disability. Using a range of methods and approaches, her research has predominantly involved children and young people with cerebral palsy, and been focused on describing patterns of participation, developing measures, designing and testing interventions of relevance to occupational therapy practice. Her research track record includes over 90 peer reviewed publications, more than $7.5million (AUD) in grant income, and supervision of more than 30 research students.



The following workshops will be running from 1.30 - 5pm on 15 October. 

  1. Mapping measures to constructs: selecting measures to assess the participation and participation related constructs. Christine Imms
  2. The CMAP Book: A new tool to enable children's participation with descriptions of activities and participation that are meaningful to the child. Nea Vanksa & Anu Kinnunen
  3. School based occupational therapy.  Melanie Burrough & Debbie Kramer-Roy

#Count me in! is a collaboration of leaders at the cutting edge of promoting participation for children and young people with disabilities.

Stuart Logan, Cerebra Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology and Director of Institute of Health Research and NIHR CLAHRC South West Peninsula