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Cell division is one of the most fundamental processes in biology. Thousands of proteins have to be made successfully to enable accurate duplication of the genetic information, segregate duplicated chromosomes into daughter cells and to complete cell division. Our lab aims to provide important new insights into how the genome can be duplicated with high accuracy, how damage to the genome can be recognised and repaired and what consequences arise if these processes fail. We use a range of advanced molecular cell biology and genetics techniques for traditional as well as new experimental approaches to study DNA replication and chromosome dynamics, conflicts between DNA replication and transcription, CRISPR-Cas systems and their impact on DNA replication and genome stability and how all these systems contribute to shape the overall architecture of bacterial chromosomes.

Newest selected publications

Jameson, KH., Rudolph, C. and Hawkins, M. (2021) 'Termination of DNA replication at Tus-ter barriers results in under-replication of template DNA'. JBC, 297 (6). pp. 1 - 29. ISSN: 0021-9258 Open Access Link

Journal article

Goodall, DJ., Jameson, KH., Hawkins, M. and Rudolph, CJ. (2021) 'A fork trap in the chromosomal termination area is highly conserved across all Escherichia coli phylogenetic groups'. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 (15). pp. 1 - 24. ISSN: 1661-6596 Open Access Link

Journal article

Syeda, A., Dimude, J., Skovgaard, O. and Rudolph, C. (2020) 'Too much of a good thing: how ectopic DNA replication affects bacterial replication dynamics'. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11. pp. 1 - 21. ISSN: 1664-302X Open Access Link

Journal article

Hawkins, M., Dimude, J., Howard, J., Smith, A., Dillingham, M., Savery, N., et al. (2019) 'Direct removal of RNA polymerase barriers to replication by accessory replicative helicases'. Nucleic Acids Research, 47 (10). pp. 5100 - 5113. ISSN: 0305-1048 Open Access Link

Journal article

Rudolph, C., Corocher, T-A., Grainge, I. and Duggin, IG. (2019) 'Termination of DNA Replication in Prokaryotes', inEncyclopedia of Life Sciences. Wiley [Imprint] Hoboken. pp. 1 - 15. ISBN 10: 047001590X. Open Access Link

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