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Professor Maria Tsouroufli
Professor in Education

Research supervision

I am interested to supervise PhD/EdD students in the areas mentioned above. 

Completions and current supervisees

• Atef Bakhoom, ‘HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually-transmitted infection prevention among Egyptian substance users’ University of East Anglia, UK, PhD studentship funded by the Ford Foundation, (second supervisor 2008-2010 and then external adviser) (FT)• Khan, T. ‘Teachers’ negotiating personal and professional identities in policy implementation about forced marriages’, London Metropolitan University, EdD student, (PT) • Gugu Ndimande Nare ‘Gender norms and identities in the implementation of an HIV/AIDS education programme in an urban school in Zimbabwe’, VC’s PhD Scholarship, London Metropolitan University, (FT) • Glendenning, F. ‘Career switchers: Professional Identities of mathematics teachers in the making’ UoW (PT) • Starr, S. ‘Exploring the applicability of a continuous improvement philosophy to a ‘self-improving school-led system’-A Soft System Approach’ UoW (PT) • Blower, A. ‘Boys of the Black Country: An investigation into progression of disadvantaged white males from the Midlands region to UK Higher Education institutions’ UoW, (FT) (UoW funded PhD), • Walton, A. ‘Shifting professional identities in a post-1992 University’ UoW (PT)

Currently supervising

S. Haqpana, 'What makes a school Islamic: An exploration of the religious identity of Islamic private schools in the UK'

A. Mondokova 'Facilitatiing career development of women in STEM: An intersectional approach'

Jalaf, M. 'An exploration of the leadership journeys of male BAME leaders in Education' 

Annas, S. 'Promoting EDI in the medical curriculum of an international school'

Brown, K. 'An intersectional analysis off Balck female leaders' experiences in Secondary Education'

Igoute, N. 'Engagement of Muslim girls with the 'Empower' Curriculum'