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Dr Martin Folly

Dr Martin Folly
Senior Lecturer

Marie Jahoda 230

Research area(s)

  • The Grand alliance in the Second World War
  • Diplomacy and foreign policy during  the Second World War and early Cold War
  • The early history of NATO
  • United States foreign policy 1914 - 1976

Research Interests

My work centres on the perceptions and attitudes that shaped relations between the United States, Soviet Union and Great Britain during and immediately after the Second World War. I am particularly interested in the role that individuals have played in the shaping of foreign policy.

For the wartime period my work is now focusing the process of cooperation and active management of inter-coalition tensions. I am also exploring the impact of Axis diplomacy on the maintenance and integrity of the Grand Alliance. For the post-war period it addresses the implications of Britain’s defence dilemmas on the genesis of the Cold War.

Research supervision

Mark Shanahan: Reassessing Eisenhower; 2009 - 2015

Petr Labrentsev: Three Colonies, different strategies: Soviet and American approaches towards Portugal’s colonies in Africa, 1961-1974; 2012 - 2015

Diane Smith (2nd supervisor): The impeachment of Huey Long; 2009 - 2015

Research project(s) and grant(s)

The British Military and the Soviet Union, 1941-45Martin Folly (PI)

From Torch to Teheran: Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin and the genesis of a strange allianceMartin Folly (PI)

The British Defence Dilemma and the Creation of NATOMartin Folly (PI)

The Council of Foreign Ministers: Crucible of Cold WarMartin Folly (PI)

Axis Diplomacy in the Second World WarMartin Folly (PI)

‘The Ambassador and the Premier: Winston Churchill, Sir Archibald Clark Kerr and the Soviet Enigma’Martin Folly (PI)


Lord Inverchapel as Ambassador to Washington, 1946-48Martin Folly (PI)

Harry S Truman and Democracy PromotionMartin Folly (PI)

The Scandinavian Question and the Genesis of the North Atlantic TreatyMartin Folly (PI)

Ernest Bevin’s views of the United States, 1947Martin Folly (PI)