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Dr Yang Yang
Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Quad North 052

Research area(s)

Dr. Yang has extensive cross-disciplinary research interest in machine learning application in sustainable energy, healthcare and  biomanufacturing.

Research Interests

Storing hydrogen nanobubbles in liquid carriers to produce hydrogen nanofuels is an emerging technique. This work proposes the development of digital twins to address the stability and controllability issues in nanobubble generation process. The digital twins will fuse first-principle models with data-driven models to describe the behaviour of hydrogen nanobubbles in various liquid carriers. The ultimate goal of this project is to achieve the generation of highly uniform and stable hydrogen nanobubbles, allowing for precise process control and optimization. 

  • Decision tool for stratified medicine development lifecycle (collaborated with Prof. Suzy Farid)

Co-developing drugs with diagnostic for stratified treatments presents challenges for product developers, regulators, payers and physicians. To address the challenges, a decision tool will be developed to capture the costs, durations, risks and interdependencies of clinical, process development and manufacturing activities for both drug and diagnostic lifecycles. The tool will investigate the economic impact of various development strategies to provide insights of stratified development, minimise financial risks, and increase successful rate for market launch.