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Careers and your future in Politics

Open yourself up to a wide variety of jobs, industries and opportunities in the future with a degree in politics.

Would you like to study something you have a strong passion for and interest in, without necessarily limiting your options for the future? Politics at Brunel is the right place to be looking! We do not teach a vocational course, where you’d build up skills and expertise that would lead you down one particular career path, instead we help you develop a host of transferable skills that are sought after by employers across a wide variety of industries.

If you’d like to enter the political realm, the nature of our courses means you’ll have the knowhow of politics at a national and international level. Opportunities for work placements in high profile political establishments like the House of Commons can give you further insight into the working of the political world.

Politics at Brunel boasts some high profile alumni in the UK Parliament working as MP’s such as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, former Shadow Transport Spokesperson John Leech, and former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice Claire Ward.

Pursuing a career outside of politics is also possible and we can help you boost your career potential. You’ll learn the theory but also we’ll help you develop skills in critical thought, communication and quantitative research methods that will open you up to a host of job opportunities from data science to marketing and research. You’ll also be able to use politics and your insight to make a difference in the people’s lives. 

Getting you ready for the real world