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Our research areas

The Creative Computing Research Group carries out multidisciplinary research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), serious and fun gaming, and cognitive modelling to simulate a physical world either as a virtual, augmented or mixed reality environment. Typical areas of research include:

  • Application of creative computing techniques (machine learning, serious gaming and cognitive modelling) in wearable technology apps in mobile e-health and e-fitness on the go 24/7, and media communications;
  • Digital games, and digital media access and management (particularly metadata, personalisation, navigation, summarisation and standardisation);
  • Applications of machine learning (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence) in serious games and gamification;
  • Accessibility Design in Games;
  • Application of Creative Computing in Extended Reality (xR): AR, VR and MR;
  • Computer Generated Music;
  • 3D computer vision and graphics in creative applications;
  • HCI in creative digital environments