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Dr Kate Hoskins Dr Kate Hoskins
Reader - Education
Kate is a Reader in Education with a focus on policy. Her research interests rest on the intersections between education and social policy, identity and inequalities in relation to early years, further and higher education. Her recent funded project with Professor Alice Bradbury examined the role of nursery schools in reducing the impact of socio-economic disadvantage in the early years sector. The findings confirm these settings are working in a hostile policy context and yet to the families they support, they are a frontline service, compensating for growing gaps in social welfare in the UK. She has published on inequalities in ECEC, with a focus on the role of policy in exacerbating these. Kate's most recent research on social mobility with Professor Bernard Barker examines the role of the family in intra and inter-generational social movement. They take a unique genealogical approach to researching social mobility, using a university chemistry department as a case study to explore participants’ motives for pursuing a STEM undergraduate degree and the influences that have shaped them. Kate has recently completed a British Academy funded research project with Professor Marie-Pierre Moreau and Dr Ellen McHugh to examine the precarious transitions undertaken by doctoral researchers negotiating the shift to an academic post. Education policy, early years, social mobility, identities, inequalities and social justice. I convene and teach a year 3 BA Education module 'Growing up in 21st Century Britain' and a year 1 study block 'Education and Society'. I supervise BA and MA Education students on a range of topics related to education studies. I teach on the EdDoc programme and contribute sessions on, for example, policy analysis and policy report writing. I supervise PhD students on topics including education policy analysis, identities, inequalities and higher education.


Dr Anne Chappell Dr Anne Chappell
Head of Department / Reader - Education
Anne Chappell is the Head of Department and Reader in the Department of Education. Anne has been at Brunel University London in the Department since 2004 and teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes, including Initial Teacher Education. Prior to this she worked in several secondary schools in London and the South-East of England with roles including Head of Year and Head of Physical Education. She studied Education, Physical Education and Science at West Sussex Institute of Higher Education, before completing a Master’s in Education at the University of Southampton and a PhD at Brunel University London. Anne is a Senior Fellow of Advance Higher Education (previously HIgher Education Academy). Anne's research focuses on auto/biographical experiences and her particular interests are in education, policy, professionals, narrative methodologies and ethical exploration and representation. Anne is the co-editor of The Palgrave Handbook of Auto/Biography with Dr Julie Parsons, University of Plymouth. She has undertaken funded research with university students from widening participation backgrounds, commuting students and students from military families. She has also undertaken research with teachers at different career stages. She was Brunel's coordinator for the EU funded “Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence: Training for Sustainable Student Services (USVSV)” project. Anne co-convenes the BSA's Auto/Biography Study Group: Auto/Biography Study Group ( with Dr Carly Stewart, Bournemouth University. Auto/Biographical experiences; Education policy and practices; Professions, professional formation, professional learning and continuing professional development. Research Groups Education, Identities and Society | Brunel University London Research Projects ‘Grown up’ children from military families: reflections on experiences of childhood and education (PI: £1900 funded by the Global Lives Interdisciplinary Research Centre, 2020-2021). This project is exploring the experiences of 'grown up' children from military families who are 'missing' from the current profile of research about the military community: The experiences of undergraduate students from military families (Co-I: £3480 funded by the Access and Participation Fund, 2019-2020) explored the experiences of undergraduate students from military families to add to our understanding about this under-researched group within the university community. An exploration of the experiences of undergraduate commuter students (PI: £11,389 funded by the Access and Participation Fund, 2019-2020). This project explored the experiences of undergraduate students who commute to university: Childhood, parenting and the commodification of education: the growth and role of tuition centres in the UK (Co-I: £4984 funded by the Research Development Fund, 2018-2019). The project explored the growth, role, and use of private tuition centres for children of primary school age (4 to 11) to provide new research on how such centres are shaping contemporary educational practices and the role of parents in their children’s education. Universities supporting victims of sexual violence: training for sustainable student services (USVSV) (Co-I: £148,236 co-funded by the European Commission’s DG Justice, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (DAPHNE), 2016-2018, JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7401). This is an evaluation of a programme developed as part of the project to support Brunel University London staff to offer an effective ‘first response’ to disclosures of sexual violence. The project is taking place across 7 European countries ( #USVReact): Successful students: exploring the factors that encourage and enable widening participation students to stay the course (PI: £14,717 funded by the Access and Student Success Fund, 2016-2018). This project focused on what encourages and enables students from widening participation backgrounds to stay at university and complete their studies to provide a fuller and more judicious understanding of the student experience. Focusing on the everyday experiences of level 3 students at Brunel, this project uses a creative and interactive methodology with students as stakeholders: Professional learning: teachers’ experiences (PI: unfunded, 2015-2019). This project is exploring the way in which teachers at different career stages experience their professional roles, the meaning they attribute to the experiences, their responses to policy, and the impact on their lives and work. Professional learning: teachers’ narratives of experience (PhD awarded 2014). Doctoral research focussed on the ways in which teachers narrate and make meaning of their professional experiences, with consideration of the dilemmas associated with the research process including data collection, analysis and representation. An exploration of black and minority ethnic students’ experiences of physical education teacher education (Co-I: £2000 funded by a Recruitment and Retention Challenge Grant from the Training and Development Agency (TDA), 2008 to 2009). Led by Prof Anne Flintoff, Leeds Beckett University: Recent Conference Presentations Chappell, A., Ince, C. and McHugh, E. (2021) Auto/Biographical experiences of university students from military families: the same but different? presentation at the British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Online, 14th April 2021. Ince, C., McHugh, E. and Chappell, A. (2020) The same but different: Auto/Biographical accounts of university students from military families, presentation at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group Conference, Online, 4th December 2020. Chappell, A. (2018) Three Teachers ‘doing’ their Family Lives, presentation at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group Conference, Wolfson College, 19th-21st July 2018. McHugh, E., Chappell, A. and Wainwright, E. (2018) ‘Successful Students’ and the Geographies of Belonging, presentation at British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, 10th-12th April 2018. Jones, C. and Chappell, A. (2018) Belief, Recognition and Support: Improving Responses to Sexual Violence in Higher Education, presentation at British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, 10th-12th April 2018. Chappell, A. and Jones, C. (2018) Experiences of the USVreact programme at Brunel, presentation at Tackling Sexual Violence and Harassment on Campus: Policy and Practice, Brunel University London, 7th February 2018. Chappell, A. and Jones, C. (2017) Sharing experiences from the UK, presentation at Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence in Universities: learning from pan-European practice (USVreact findings conference), Rich Mix, London, 9th November 2017. Chappell, A. and Jones, C. (2017) Responses to Sexual Violence: Effecting Change in Higher Education, presentation at European Conference on Educational Research, Copenhagen, 22nd-25th August 2017. Chappell, A. and Jones, C. (2017) Staff culture in Higher Education: Challenging preconceptions about sexual violence, presentation at Gender and Education Association Conference, Middlesex University, London, 21st-23rd June 2017. Chappell, A. and Jones, C. (2017) Universities Supporting Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence: Training for Sustainable Services (USVSV) #USVreact, presentation at British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Manchester University, Manchester, 4th-6th April 2017. Jones, C. and Chappell, A. (2017) Universities Supporting Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence: Thinking Critically about a ‘Response’ Approach, presentation at National Conference on Tackling Gender Based Violence in Universities, Newcastle University, Newcastle, 14th March 2017. Alldred, P. and Chappell, A. (2016) Students, Societies, Sexual Violence and Support, presentation at the New Mediations of Feminist Sociology of Education Event, Institute of Education University College London, London, 7th November 2016. Chappell, A., and Ludhra, G. (2016) ‘Messy’ and entangled research, presentation at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group Conference, Friends House, London, 16th December 2016. Chappell, A. (2016) Thinking differently about continuing professional development: teachers’ narratives of professional learning, presentation at the European Conference on Educational Research, University College Dublin, Ireland, 23rd-26th August 2016. Chappell, A. (2016) Insider research: it’s all about me? presentation at the British Sociological Association Auto/Biography Study Group Conference, Wolfson College, Oxford, 15th-17th July 2016. BA Education PGCE Secondary and Primary Education MA Education Doctoral Research programmes Teaching Interests Sociology of education Education policy Identities Professions and professionalism Professional formation/continuing professional development Teaching and students Inclusion and intersectionality Auto/Biography and narrative Research methodology and methods Safeguarding, health and safety and safe practice Physical education: status, perceptions, experiences and subject knowledge.
Dr Ellen McHugh Dr Ellen McHugh
Senior Lecturer in Education
Ellen is a Senior Lecturer in Education. Her research interests lie in transnationalism, migration, belonging, welfare and young people. She has extensive experience of working with hard-to-reach groups, with a particular focus on student experience and retention. I currently teach on the BA Education Programme in the Department of Education. ED1707 Study Skills and Methods of Enquiry ED2701 Research Methods EdD and PhD supervision
Dr Nic Crowe Dr Nic Crowe
Senior Lecturer in Education
Dr Nic Crowe is programme lead for the BA Education. He is a qualified Teacher, Youth and Community Worker and Play Worker. He is an experienced Practitioner with a background in art, technology and cultural studies. His main research focuses on Digital Stories – currently Pro-Ana Communities and Lolicon – and Comics, Anime and Manga. His PhD thesis was a five year ethnographic study of an on-line world entitled ‘Hanging with the Catherby Shark Gurlz’ and other Runescape stories’. It focused on young people’s use of the internet for gaming, and looked particularly at virtual identities, virtual communities and their culture(s). He has made a number Media appearances talking about on-line gaming and its associated culture, including a presentation of his Runescape research for Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Allowed’. Recent articles in non-academic journals include: Crowe, N (2013) On Feminist Zombies, Libertine, (October) Crowe, N (2013) The Beauty of Ghibli, Libertine, (October) Crowe, N. (2011). Dark Tourism. Canvas8. Retrieved from Crowe, N. (2011). ‘Don’t stop believing’: Glee, Gleeks and nerdy cool. Canvas8. Retrieved from Crowe, N. (2011). Monsters and totems: rallying the global community. Canvas8. Retrieved from Crowe, N. (2011). Man in the machine: robots in east and west. Canvas8. Retrieved from Crowe, N. (2010). War in the First Person. Retrieved from Forthcoming Chapter Crowe N, Watts D.M. (2018) 'I dont want to be remembered as the fat girl' The Ethnography and Ethics of ANA
Dr Emma Wainwright Dr Emma Wainwright
Emma is a Reader and a Geographer with expertise in the geographies of education, training and welfare. She is co-lead of the Human Geography: Space, Place and Society research group (with Nicola Ansell and Monica Degen). She is also a member of the Centre for Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse, and Education, Identities and Society, and Embodiment in Academic and Professional Practice research groups. Emma studied Geography at the University of Aberdeen and, after completing her PGCE (Secondary) at the University of Edinburgh and a brief period of secondary teaching, was awarded a scholarship by the University of St Andrews to undertake her PhD in Social and Historical Geography. Prior to working at Brunel, Emma was a Research Executive in the Social Research Institute at MORI (now Ipsos MORI). Emma's interdisciplinary research interests focus on: education, training and welfare-to-work; social housing and resident engagement; family, parenting and care; embodiment, body work and emotional labour. Her work has been funded through grants awarded by the ESRC, the British Academy, Barclays, the Froebel Trust, the Learning and Skills Council, the Money Advice Service, and Brunel University London. Emma has successfully collaborated with various social housing providers across London and the South East including A2Dominion, Catalyst and East Thames (now L&Q) to deliver research and evaluation projects. Emma is currently an editor of the British Educational Research Journal. She is external examiner at the University of Hertfordshire (BSc Geography) and Cardiff University (MSc Education, MSc Education, Policy and Society and MSc Childhood and Youth), and acts as a regular reviewer for various academic journals. In 2006 Emma was awarded the Newbigin Prize by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for her paper published in the Scottish Geographical Journal. Recent work has been published in Area, Educational Review, British Journal of Sociology of Education and Population, Space and Place. Emma currently works part time (FTE 0.6) and her working days are Monday, Thursday and Friday. Qualifications PhD, Geography, University of St Andrews PGC in Higher Education, Brunel University London PGC in Secondary Education (Geography and Modern Studies), Moray House, University of Edinburgh MA (Hons) Geography (1st Class), University of Aberdeen Current research interests include: HE participation, student success and retention Social housing, welfare provsion, and financial inclusion Embodied learning and professionalism Home-schooling and policy enactment during Covid 19 Current teaching I currently teach on the BA Education programme in the Department of Education. Modules led: ED1705 Human Development ED2700 The Social Study of Children and Young People Focusing on Geography, Sociology, Social Policy and Research Methods I have previously taught on the following programmes: BA/BSc Geography; MA Children, Youth and International Development; MA Education; Doctorate of Eduction; BA and MA Social Work. Teaching awards: 2017 recipient of the University's Student-Led Teaching Award for Outstanding Feedback 2018 recipient of Brunel Teach Award for Innovative Assessment
Mrs Gail Waite Mrs Gail Waite
Lecturer (Education) in Education
Gail is a qualified youth worker and accredited restorative practitioner and trainer with over 15 years experience working in the field prior to joing Brunel. She currently teaches on the BA Education programme
Professor Philip Garner Professor Philip Garner
Professor - Education
I've worked in mainstream and special schools, and at several universities in England. I undertake research and teaching in special and inclusive education, with a particular interest in challenging behaviour & exclusions, learning difficulties in the classroom and links between schools, families and communities. Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) & Inclusive Education; marginalised youth/people, school leadership, institutional change; inclusive professional practice in education; communities of professional practice; teacher development; international & comparative education
Mr Lewis Fogarty Mr Lewis Fogarty
Lecturer in Education
My passion is educating people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. I have been very fortunate to work with children from 18 months right up to 18 years old over the past 8 years and more recently in educating adults at Masters level. Over this time, I have continued to learn and develop as an individual completing my MA in Education with the Leaderhip and Management specialism and now working towards my EdD at Brunel Univerity. Additionally, as Director of Always Growing Ltd, an Education Services Company, I am always looking to build new relationships with other companies and individuals to develop the opportunities we can provide for the children we work with. This now focuses me on research in Education around a range of issues. Education, Early Years, Continuous Professional Development, Teacher Education, Leadership Leadership specialism on the MA in Education programme
Dr Utsa Mukherjee Dr Utsa Mukherjee
Lecturer in Education
I am a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University London. Prior to joining Brunel, I held various academic positions at University of Southampton, Birkbeck University of London and University of Roehampton. My research spans the disciplines of Sociology and Human Geography, with inter-connected research interests in the study of childhood and youth, social inequality, leisure and migration. My work across these thematic areas is guided by a commitment to social justice and an abiding interest in unravelling the way social inequalities are reproduced across time and place, and the way structural inequalities mediate the lived experiences of minoritized subjects (such as racialised minority children in the UK and sexual minority youth in India). My first monograph Race, Class, Parenting and Children’s Leisure is currently in press and will be published in February 2023 by Bristol University Press. I am the Associate Editor of two peer-reviewed international journals: Journal of Family Studies and Schole: A Journal for Recreation & Leisure Studies Education. I am also the Book Review Co-editor for the journal Children & Society. I am a editorial board member of the following peer-reviewed journals: British Journal of Sociology Sociology Compass Children & Society Leisure Studies World Leisure Journal I am involved with a number of professional associations. I sit on the executive committee of Leisure Studies Association and I am currently an executive committee member cum Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer of the Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers). Within Brunel, I am a member of the Education, Identities and Society (EIS) research group within the Department of Education as well of the pan-university Centre for Global Lives and Centre for Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifecourse (CHWL). Utsa's research interests broadly centre around the following axes: Children's everyday lives with a particular focus on generational order, parenting strategies, and children's agency Intersection of race and class within parenting ideologies and family practices Reproduction of social inequalities in the context of leisure Critical race theory approaches to the study of childhood and parenting South Asia and global South Asian diaspora Critical sexuality studies I teach on a number of study blocks/modules across the BA Education programme and currently lead the following study blocks: ED1706 Education & Society ED1707 Study Skills and Methods of Enquiry ED3700 Education in Different Contexts
Dr Antonina Tereshchenko Dr Antonina Tereshchenko
Lecturer in Education
Prior to joining the MA Education team at Brunel in September 2021, I was a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the UCL Institute of Education. I worked there on the teacher retention projects at the Centre for Teachers and Teaching Research, as well as Education Endowment Foundation funded studies investigating the effects of attainment grouping and mixed attainment teaching on students in secondary schools. I have completed three postdoctoral projects on migrant students' identities and educational experiences at King's College London (with funding from the Newton International Fellowship and the British Academy Visiting Scholar Scheme) and at the University of Porto (with funding from the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology). Prior to starting my PhD at the University of Cambridge, I worked at the Open Society Soros Foundation in Ukraine on the national reform to ensure equal and transparent access to higher education.
Miss Ammal Gillani Miss Ammal Gillani
Lecturer in Education
Ammal is a Lecturer in Education and part of the English teaching team on Brunel’s Primary PGCE programme. Prior to joining Higher Education, Ammal worked for tweleve years in various inner London primary schools. During her time working in primary education, Ammal has experience of being a KS1 borough moderator, subject and senior leader, and a school-based mentor to BA and PGCE students. Ammal’s passion and expertise lie in phonics, intervention and catch up learning across all key stages in reading, writing and maths. Ammal has also previously been employed to work with children in KS1, and specifically focused on teaching reading, writitng and maths due to the major loss of learning encountered during the pandemic. Her role there involved supporting disadvantaged pupils and those who required extra support and provision. Before joining Brunel, Ammal was an Associate Lecturer on the PGCE Primary programme at Goldsmiths University. Education policy, educational inequality, social justice, social mobility, culture and identity PGCE Primary General Professional Studies (ED5617) PGCE Primary English (ED5618) PGCE Primary Curriculum Enhancements (ED5619)
Mr Giannis Efthymiou Mr Giannis Efthymiou
Lecturer in Education
Giannis Efthymiou is a Lecturer in Education at Brunel’s Primary PGCE Programme, and he is currently leading on the areas of Science Education and Physical Education. Prior to entering Higher Education, Giannis was a primary school teacher and leader in primary schools across London having held a range of leadership posts. His academic interest and research focus on Education for Global Citizenship and how teachers in primary schools go about adopting such approaches. He coordinated a funded European project between four schools in Europe that examined teachers’ approaches to adopting Global Learning as part of their practice. This influenced the case study of his doctoral thesis. His research and wider scholarly activity build on similar initiatives, and Giannis is particularly interested in teachers’ wisdom to adopting practices of Global Learning as part of their wider pedagogical ethos. Giannis reflects on wider critical theories, specifically critical pedagogy and postcolonial theory. He seeks to examine each of these areas through the lens of teaching by actively listening to the voices of the teachers. Giannis continues his close work with schools in London through his wider responsibilities as part of the primary PGCE programme, and overviews the mentorship of primary student teachers. Giannis is keen to continue expanding his collaboration with schools and is always happy to hear from colleagues who are interested in exploring Global Learning as a pedagogical approach. Prior to joining Brunel University London in September 2021, he taught across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the University of Cumbria and UCL’s Institute of Education. Giannis is currently at the final stages of his doctoral journey, which he undertakes at UCL’s Development Education Research Centre in the field of Global Learning. My research is positioned in the heart of teaching and I am an advocate of teachers' voices and their importance to forming and influencing the narrative of education and educational policy. I am particularly interested in research methodologies that enable teachers' voices to be heard within a context of regulation, accountability and ongoing mechanisms of correctedness. Research Conferences Efthymiou, GS. (2022) "Global Learning: empowering teachers to become the Act-ors of their own stories and possibilities of interruption in England's ITE framework", Teacher Education for Equity and Sustainability Network (TEESNet) 13th Annual Conference, Liverpool Hope University, 28th September 2022 Efthymiou, GS. (2021) "Global Learning and Teaching: Towards an ideological framework", Academic Network on Global Education and Learning (ANGEL), UCL Institute of Education, 25-27 May 2021 Efthymiou, GS. (2021) "Education for a cosmopolitan democracy: developing teachers' agency and working towards social justice", University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Education, April 2021 Efthymiou, GS. (2020) "Global Learning as an opportunity for teachers' agency: the case of one Greek primary school", Academic Network on Global Education and Learning (ANGEL), University of Oulou, June 2020 Efthymiou, GS. (2020) "Is a pedagogy of hope a possibility for Greece?", Doctoral Summer Conference, UCL Institute of Education, June 2020 Efthymiou, GS. and Papanikolaou P. (2019) "Global Citizenship Education in the Greek Primary School curriculum: challenges and opportunities", International Conference of the Hellenic Education Society, University of Thesally, November 2019