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Wrexham firm decked out with Brunel research

Impact case study for REF 2021: Engineering (UoA 12)

Ecodek is a Wrexham-based manufacturer of sustainable, durable decking, whose products can be found everywhere from London’s Olympic Park to Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Walkway.

Underpinning Ecodek’s innovative products is research from Brunel University London’s Professor Mizi Fan.

[Prof Fan's research was] fundamental to the company’s technical development and growth and underpinned development of the Ecodek product range

Founder of Ecodek

Ecodek’s decking is made from 98% recycled waste materials, and is 100% recyclable. The company sends only 2% of its waste to landfill and strives to get that number to zero.

Each year the company manufacturers over a million metres of decking, recycling the equivalent of 100 million 4-pint bottles of milk in plastic, and locking away up to 600,000 kilograms of CO2 each year.

Ecodek decking
Ecodek decking
Ecodeck decking
Ecodeck decking
Ecodeck decking
Ecodeck decking


Prof Fan’s long-standing relationship with Ecodek helped the company develop the technology needed to produce a consistent and reliable product from a wood and plastic composite, which is now available in a wide variety of colours, styles and lengths, and is being used on more than 6,000 projects worldwide.

The product can now be found in a number of famous places, including the Old Bailey, the Royal Wharf Docklands, and London’s Olympic Stadium.

Since 2014, Ecodek has grown massively, and today runs four production lines, 24 hours a day, and employs over 50 staff, including a dedicated research and development team, who are now using Prof Fan’s research to develop new product ranges including facades, decking support beams and sound barriers for motorways.

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