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Post-Covid lifestyle and mental wellbeing

Engaging in different daily social and physical activities is vital for health and wellbeing. However, rapid advancements in digital technology and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have affected this engagement because they are fundamentally changing the way we communicate, live, work, and our lifestyle in general. Our proposed research project will investigate how engaging in different leisure (e.g., physical exercise, different types of entertainment, social activities) and non-leisure (e.g., (home) office computer work; face-to-face and online meetings) activities under different living and working environments affect our mental wellbeing and cognitive performance in the digital society we live in today.

We believe that our project has a high potential for profound impact. The plan is to start the project with investigating the impact on individuals’ lifestyles in their living environments on their health, mental wellbeing, and cognition. In a second step, this can easily be expanded to other scenarios, such as the aging population, clinical populations, or employees at the workplace, which provides a profound chance for widespread impact.

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Project last modified 14/04/2023