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Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions

We plan to systematically reduce carbon emissions in line with the Government’s target of 34% reduction by 2020 against a 1990 baseline level. Our Carbon Management Plan (June 2015) is a comprehensive document that outlines our carbon reduction strategies to be embedded in every aspect of the University’s activities.

We acknowledge that the most difficult challenge is changing individual behaviours. We communicate with our students and staff by publishing our data, progress and strategies internally and externally, hosting training sessions and organizing campaigns and projects.

The University’s milestones and target (tCO2e)

The Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from gas and electricity in 2005/06 are the baseline for the target in 2020/21. We have set a milestone of 35% reduction by 2017/18 in order to meet the target of a 43% reduction by 2020/21.