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Programme Monitoring and Review

We conduct regular reviews of our programmes and students’ success in achieving the intended learning outcomes. These reviews occur at all levels from individual modules to entire subjects, and are consistent with the expectations outlined in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education.

Annual Monitoring

Annual Monitoring is the routine evaluation by the University and its Colleges of the academic provision delivered during the previous academic year.

Annual Monitoring of Taught Programmes

The process of Annual Monitoring for Taught Programmes, including those delivered through Brunel University London Pathway College (BPC) and those delivered through an academic partnership, is outlined in the Annual Monitoring of Taught Programmes Procedure.

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Annual Monitoring of Research Degree Provision

The process for Annual Monitoring of Research Degree Provision is outlined in the Annual Monitoring of Postgraduate Research Degrees Procedure.

Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement for Apprenticeship Programmes

The process for Self-Assessment Review (SAR) and Quality Improvement Plans (QIP) for Apprenticeship Provision is outlined in the Apprenticeship Self-Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Procedure. The following templates should be used. 

Self-Assessment Report Template 
Quality Improvement Plan Template

Periodic Programme Review (PPR)

Periodic Programme Review is the process whereby a subject’s taught programmes are reviewed, modified and re-approved through self-evaluation and peer review. It is designed to enable the University to have confidence in the ongoing standards, currency, coherence, and relevance of a subject’s provision, and that all students achieve their intending learning outcomes. Periodic reviews typically occur every 5 years.

Periodic Programme Review Procedure
Periodic Programme Review Self Evaluation Report Template