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Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning

Consideration of exemptions and recognition of prior learning are critical quality processes related to the standards of awards made by the University.

Exemptions policy
Exemption request form
Admissions policy 

Grade descriptors

These generic grade descriptors are intended to be used throughout the assessment process; in assessment design, marking/grading, moderation and feedback. They are designed to show no disciplinary bias and are not intended to act as surrogate level, award or award classification descriptors. The grade descriptors should be read in conjunction with the learning outcomes associated with the assessment.

Undergraduate Grade Descriptors
Postgraduate Grade Descriptors

Assessment and Feedback

These documents provide staff and students with key resources, policies and guidelines in regards to the assessment of students. 

Coursework Submission Policy
Rounding Policy
Text matching services policy
Summative assessment in groupwork
Internal Strategic Moderation and Double Marking Policy
Internal Moderation Example Form
Feedback – 5 core principles in providing and receiving assessment feedback
Feedback - Guidance to Producing Good Feedback
End-Point Assessment for Apprenticeship Programmes Policy
External Assessor for End-Point Assessment Nomination Form
Brunel University London Pathway College: Moderation Protocol

ASK - the Academic Skills Development Department can support Brunel students with their writing skills, study skills, maths and numeracy as well as statistics and SPSS. 

Extenuating Circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Procedure exists for situations where a student's performance in assessment is significantly affected by an event that was unavoidable, unexpected and beyond the control of the student. The policy detailing this is set out in Senate Regulation 4

Please see here for current guidance on extenuating circumstances. 

Student Guidance on Progression, Reassessment and Awarding

The following documents provide guidance to students on the progression, reassessment and awarding of certain degree types.

Student Guidance on Progression, Reassessment and Awarding for Honours Bachelor's Degrees
Student Guidance on Reassessment and Awarding for Master's Degrees

Panels and Boards of Examiners

Senate Regulation 4 governs Panels and Boards of Examiners.

Panels of examiners ensure that an appropriate, rigorous and robust assessment process has taken place, and confirm the marks/grades for all assessments. Boards of examiners make recommendations for progression or awards based on consideration of student result profiles. The work of panels and boards is transparent and ensure fairness to all students. Training materials for staff supporting Panels and Boards of Examiners are available here (staff access only). 

Guidance for Boards of Examiners (staff access only)
Guidance for Chairs of Panels of Examiners 
Board of Examiners Minutes Template
Board of Examiners Standard Agenda Template
Guidance to Board of Examiners Paperwork
Guidance to staff advising students progressed to Ordinary
Guidance on Reassessment Opportunities at Foundation Year and Level 4
Provisional progression policy

Panels and Boards of Examiners: Chair's action

A student's assessment performance should be considered at a board of examiners, but occasionally it might be necessary to award students outside these meetings. In such cases departments will be asked to complete an online pro-forma for each decision to be made by chair’s action to ensure that the same scrutiny and consideration has been given to all awards.

Chair's action guidance
Chair's action proforma

Grade Translation for Study Abroad

Students who spend part of their degree abroad at an approved partner institution on an exchange, and formally undertake modules with that partner institution, will have their achieved grades converted to Brunel University London’s grading system, so that they may be applied to their degree grade profiles. The process for this is outlined in the University's Grade Translation Procedure

Related Forms:

Grade Translation Table Request Form
Grade Translation Block Exemption and Grade Importation Form