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Digital Health

We have the expertise in digital health areas such as Bioinformatics, Computational Medicine, Medical and Health Data Analytics, Modelling and Simulations, Immersive Data Visualisation, Assurance, Security, Provenance of medical Data, Multi-Sensorial Technologies for Medical Applications and DataDriven Health Service Productivity. The Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences (BPACHS) in partnership with The Hillingdon Hospitals, NHSFoundation Trust and Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust(CNWLFT) has already developed plans for innovative digital health research platforms.

Case Study: Simulation and Modelling for COVID-19 Response Planning for NHS Trust

The Brunel Digital Health team has been working with the National Health Services (NHS) on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic on three main fronts. We developed the hyperlocal simulation of the spread of COVID-19 at the building level, within London Boroughs and subsequent admission impact to hospitals.COVID-19 transmission pattern is simulated using Agent-Based Simulation (ABS)models extracting OpenStreetMap for demographics of the area, latest COVID-19research assumptions and NHS reporting. Localised transmission results are coupled to our discrete-event simulation (DES) models of resource utilisation within specific hospitals in the area. Our pioneering work has supported the NHS in North West London in their planning for a range of post-lockdown and release scenarios.

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“We are fortunate to have worked with Brunel University, particularly during the COVID-19 response. Having access to data scientists, skills and techniques to support NHS planning and response have been invaluable.”
Ms Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer, NHSX